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  1. popkid

    WDWFigment's Photo Trip Novel Part II: October 2009 - Legends of the Fall

    been enjoying all your photos on Flickr Tom (me = Tengaport on Flickr) so it was nice to read a bit of the 'behind the scenes'. If there is ever another one of these photo-trips I would love to tag along. I have a brand-spankin-new Canon 7D that is just itching to get at WDW and I'd love to...
  2. popkid


    Boma is one of my 'must eat' restaurants when visiting WDW :)
  3. popkid

    Goodbye Top 7 Hello Must Do...

    I was always a huge fan of the old WDW Resort TV, but over the years I've gotten accustomed to the Top 7 videos. Looking forward to checking this new video out in Sept/Oct this year :)
  4. popkid

    something needs to be done re: flash photography

    I thankfully haven't encountered this too much, but it has been a few years since I've been to WDW so maybe I'm in for a surprise on our next trip. I once accidentally fired off my flash while getting ready to exit my doombuggy at the haunted mansion (right before the unload) and the cast...
  5. popkid

    Even been on Horizons at Epcot?

    How could I ever forget Horizons, Epcot in it's glory... I miss those immersive experiences :(
  6. popkid

    youtube disneyland interactive map!

    very cool... never seen something like that before on youtube :)
  7. popkid

    MNSSHP Questions

    I don't recall if Fastpass machines are running during the party, but honestly you wouldn't need them if they were. Attractions are pretty much walk on :)
  8. popkid

    Custom Tiki Bar Signs?

    thanks raven, found it http://pariarts.com still not taking orders yet though :(
  9. popkid

    Custom Tiki Bar Signs?

    I could've sworn someone had posted a link here to some amazing custom Tiki Bar Signs you could order. This would make the perfect housewarming gift for my parents new place but I've been searching the forum for about 30 minutes now and can't find the thread :( I know this probably isn't the...
  10. popkid

    Is Boma really that good?

    Boma is one of the few restaurants at the world that I get cravings for throughout the year. It's not your typical buffet (though it does have the safe bets for kids and picky adults). If you love to sample new flavors Boma is a fantastic place to go.
  11. popkid

    $20 all you can eat pass at MGM?

    thanks Merf, this has been driving me crazy - especially since they said they saw it on the web. $20 for an all-you-can-eat dining plan just sounded like pure fantasy to me.
  12. popkid

    $20 all you can eat pass at MGM?

    Friends of mine are heading to WDW in a few weeks and they asked me about some form of dining plan at MGM Studios where you pay $20 for the day? I have never heard of this before, but apparently they know someone who just went to Disney last week and did this very deal. Anyone ever hear of...
  13. popkid

    Artist Point

    We had our one year anniversary dinner at the California Grill. It was our first time there and they certainly didn't dissapoint. A little pre-planning got us prime seating at the windows to watch Wishes while we eat. I can't find the receipt for that dinner (I save everything from our WDW...
  14. popkid

    Artist Point

    Ahhh, the salmon - good stuff. I enjoy Artist Point. It's a casual sort of romantic setting. As for the prices, a dinner for two can easily top $100. Here is our receipt: 2 Soda......................$4.38 Spring Roll..................$8.00 Tenderloin..................$32.00 Salmon...
  15. popkid

    It's official: Wand is GONE !!!!

    Just got this email not too long ago: ________________________________________ From: WDW Magic Kingdom Communication Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2007 1:06 PM Subject: News from Epcot Versa-Tell: Mickey Mouse gloved hand and wand to be removed from Spaceship Earth Mickey Mouse gloved hand...
  16. popkid

    Ran into Mickey while working yesterday

    While making a sales call at a potential client's office yesterday I came face to face with this guy in their cafeteria: last time I had seen him was in 2003 outside of the Magic Kingdom was a pleasant surprise
  17. popkid

    WDW Resort Room Keys?

    I always hang on to our room keys, makes for good scrapbook material. to be honest, I still have the key from our most recent trip in my wallet :) As far as the design changing, it sure has over the years:
  18. popkid

    Disney Parks TV coming!

    if not itunes there is always the seedy underbelly of the internet ;)
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