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  1. ACE

    WDWMAGIC 10 Year Anniversary guest book

    Congrats, now someone point me in the direction of the refreshments and single ladies. :slurp:
  2. ACE

    Scooby Doo at Universal Orlando?

    I was just there a couple of weeks ago and I think I saw them for sale, but I'm not real sure. I know you can win them at some of the games, but I just can't remember if I saw them in the store or not. I know someone here will know the answer. Sorry I wasn't more help. :veryconfu...
  3. ACE

    Need Park Maps

    Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  4. ACE

    Need Park Maps

    I need a little help. I took my 2 boys to Universal (both parks) last Thursday and Friday but we didn't bring home any maps. I was hoping that if anyone was going down anytime soon or works at Universal, could you do me a BIG favor and send me a map from each park. I will send you a self...
  5. ACE

    Movie Connection game

    Sam Elliott was in the Hulk with Eric Bana.
  6. ACE

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, tenchu

    Didn't we just do this last year? Man, you're getting old! Now get out of bed and go have one on me. :wave: ACE
  7. ACE

    Let's Bring It Back... Rate The AVATAR Above You

    ^ 6 - Too huggy, kissy, face. :lol:
  8. ACE

    Song Title Game!

    China Girl - Iggy Pop
  9. ACE

    Let's Bring It Back... Rate The AVATAR Above You

    ^7 - Never heard of them. Guess I'm too old. :lol: :wave: ACE
  10. ACE

    FL Chapter of WDWMagic!

    Milton in da hooouuuussseee! :lol:
  11. ACE

    Hulk Hogan Attacks terrorists at Epcot

    It was a joke. Hence the laughing smiley. :lol: :wave: ACE
  12. ACE

    Hulk Hogan Attacks terrorists at Epcot

    I don't know which is worse. The wrestling fanatics who watched the show because of Hogan or the Disney fanatics watching to see a glimpse of an attraction. You both are a sad bunch. Now please excuse me, I'm gotta go. It's time for RAW and I believe they're filming from WDW tonite...
  13. ACE

    Disgruntled Members

    Yeah, like 30. Oh wait, you wouldn't be old enough then. Well maybe next year. :lol: :wave: ACE
  14. ACE


    You can change your avatar in the User CP. It looks like the one you're using is the only one available. If you want something different, just let me know what you want and I'll try and make it for you. ACE
  15. ACE

    A Spooky Test

    I said Blue Hammer. Guess I'm Abby Normal. :lol: :wave: ACE
  16. ACE

    Your Good Cover Song Recommendations

    I like a band called Deadstar Assembly. They are an up and coming band which some of you may have heard of. They did a cover of "Send Me An Angel" (don't remember the original artist) that I really like. If you want to hear the song and see the video then just click the link in my...
  17. ACE


    Since no one else has responded let me say welcome to the boards. I don't know of any sites for avatars but if you want something specific I'll try and make it for you. Just let me know what you want. ACE
  18. ACE

    'Valiant' Trailer and Photos

    Vi-sa-vi, star, celebrity, ok. Who am I to argue. I think of myself more of a funny boss. But sure, if you think legend, you know, well, that works.
  19. ACE

    WDWMagic T-shirts and Hats!

    Now you're using ME as an example? You promised to never bring that up. It was only that one time. I can't believe I trusted you to keep a secret. GHEEESH!
  20. ACE

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Steamboat_Kevin

    HBD! :wave: ACE
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