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  1. radioandy

    Did anyone believe the Hydrolators were real?

    Wait, are you saying they weren't real? :shrug:
  2. radioandy

    Disney withdrawls

    Come join us at Radio Buena Vista and listen to Disney music on your computer. (Whistle while you work?!) I'm not sure if it helps withdrawal or makes it worse, but it's fun. ;)
  3. radioandy

    Resort Internet Service

    We just returned from seven great days at the Caribbean Beach, with royal treatment from all CMs for my son's 7th birthday. No big complaints...except...isn't it time for WDW to provide wireless and/or free internet at the resorts? I understand that some deluxe resorts have that, but why not...
  4. radioandy

    Disney Dinning Plan Advice

    We just returned from a 7-day trip with the Dining Plan. We enjoyed it, but we may not use it again. While we really enjoyed meals at Le Cellier, Boma, Crystal Palace breakfast, Raglan's at Downtown Disney and the Hoop Dee Doo, we were still paying sometimes $50 extra for a drink or two, an...
  5. radioandy

    Phineas+ Ferb

    I think there should be a ride through "Doofenshmirtz..Evil..Incorporated!" :animwink:
  6. radioandy

    Worried @ early Dec trip timing!

    My experience has been that anytime after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas is a great time to go! You get all the WDW holiday magic :xmas: but the crowds are manageable. We've been on early-mid December choir trips to perform in the Candlelight, and there were moderate crowds...
  7. radioandy

    Tutto Italia : your reviews

    Thanks clearing that up. I thought it was some kind of slur, like if you're FBI you're always staking out crooks in Italian restaurants. :animwink:
  8. radioandy

    Spaceship Earth News...Emailing picture plus video

    For those who haven't heard it, the new narration & score is part of the playlist on Radio Buena Vista (link below). The old one is still in the rotation, too, and if this thread is any indication of the sentiments, it will stay there! We rode SSE in December with our 5-year-old. He loved it...
  9. radioandy

    Looking for Park Music

    I've collected it for you and you can listen online, at the link below! :) But if you want your own CD, the latest park album is called "Four Parks - One World." It's a double CD set, with nearly 40 tracks. You can order by phone direct from the World of Disney store...
  10. radioandy

    Four Parks: One World

    I bought mine at the Pop Century gift shop. They're also at the World of Disney and Once Upon a Toy stores in Downtown. It was around $20. Lots of new tracks on it...including the new Spaceship Earth instumental soundtrack.
  11. radioandy

    Internet at Pop Century?

    The info page here says Pop Century has telephone dial-up service. Really??! If that's still the case, does anyone know if there are hotspots nearby?
  12. radioandy

    To take the baby or not ?

    We took our 9-month-old. No regrets, but we also had a great time a few years before when it was just the two of us. Since you'll never want to go again without your child(ren), this might be a nice last trip for you as a couple.
  13. radioandy

    PoTC Online

    Very good! And they seem to be making upgrades all the time. Walk your pirate through the Caribbean, with lots of hand-to-hand combat with the Royal Navy, Undead pirates and thugs from the East India Trading Co. Also, pilot your ship and blast the bad guys. Collect gold along the way for new...
  14. radioandy

    Internet Disney Radio Stations May Go Off-Air

    Thanks y'all! And some good news from Live 365 this week. The immediate plan is to slightly increase the number of commercial breaks, and good more revenue from advertisers. For now, they don't intend to pass the increased royalty costs on to broadcasters or listeners. Those of us who are...
  15. radioandy

    Internet Disney Radio Stations May Go Off-Air

    Thanks! I just read that the Copyright Royalty Board has agreed to reconsider their ruling on internet radio. We'll keep our fingers crossed...
  16. radioandy

    Internet Disney Radio Stations May Go Off-Air

    I operate "Radio Buena Vista" on Live 365, and my day job is managing a college radio station with a web stream, so I'm doubly screwed! Live 365 and other internet entities are appealing the decision, but this has been in the works for several years, and I doubt they'll reverse course. There...
  17. radioandy

    Traveling to Disney with a 1 year old.....

    We just returned from a trip with our almost-3-year-old, who we also took at 9-months. From our standpoint, the 9-month trip was actually better. He was alert enough to take in things and enjoy them, and content to stroll and sleep the rest of the time. This last trip, he didn't want to walk...
  18. radioandy

    Disney Halloween soundtrack

    ...is playing through Sunday at Radio Buena Vista. Music from the Haunted Mansion, Tower of Terror, and so on... Happy Halloween, y'all!
  19. radioandy

    Rotating Spaceship Earth

    But that wasn't an accident. They pushed SE off its supports to film the new Indiana Jones sequel. You should have seen Harrison Ford running from that giant golfball with his walker! :p
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