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  1. MarknSue

    Sign the WDWMAGIC 10 Year guest book

    10 years? thats fantastic mark n sue (and jack n katie-belle too)
  2. MarknSue

    UK WDW Members.....Tally Ho!!

    hi all! hope we're not too late to join the party marknsueandjacktoo
  3. MarknSue

    WDW In January??

    We have been the past few years in Dec/Jan and as other people have said you can be wearing your coat one day and sunbathing the next. We have been to see fantasmic when it was really cold, they were selling hot chocolate and towels! The great thing is it is not too busy, we get to the parks...
  4. MarknSue

    For you Wicked Queen! Duran Duran concert

    I am soooo jealous, I think they are planning a tour over here next year and I can't wait! I would have been one of those pregnant dancing 30 somethings but I will have had the babe by then! We saw them play at Downtown Disney a couple of years ago, (not the originals though) and they were...
  5. MarknSue

    Happy Birthday MarknSue

    Thank you everyone, you are very kind. It is a very exciting time and it is a wonderful Christmas gift. We know it's a boy and we've even decided on a name - Jack :D :D Now to search the forums for taking babies to WDW .... Susie
  6. MarknSue

    Happy Birthday MarknSue

    Thanks guys! It was my Birthday (Sue), I had a lovely day Thank you. Sorry we haven't been around much but we are expecting our first baby in five weeks so things have been busy, although I am now a lady of leisure and I'm making the most of it!! Thanks again for all the good wishes :) :)
  7. MarknSue

    prices DLP Hotels

    There is hope! These apartments are opening in April and you can get an apartment that sleeps 4/6. You have to phone for a price, I found them very helpful and quite reasonable. http://www.frenchlife.co.uk/ click on apartments and scroll down to Residence Pierre et Vacances
  8. MarknSue

    Princess B'fast at Norway

    We really enjoyed meeting the princesses which were Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan & Jasmine. They visit each table in turn, we found them very friendly. Belle was our favourite, she told us to make sure we saw her in fantasmic that evening and said what a good dancer Beast was for...
  9. MarknSue

    Favorite Romantic Movie

    breakfast in tiffanies would be right up there i love that film - we watched it again just before christmas - lovely! i love casablanca too id say bringing up baby, one of my all time favourites, but i wonder if that would be a romantic comedy and so not count? mark ps - thanks for the...
  10. MarknSue

    New Years Eve help

    We have been in Disney 3 times for NYE. We have seen the B52's and Duran Duran on Pleasure Island. I can't remember how much we paid but it was worth it - great atmosphere, fantastic fireworks. IMO it depends who is on as to whether it is worthwhile though, as it happens I am a Duranie...
  11. MarknSue

    Trip Report 12/31 - 1/13

    Thank you for that, a gold star for you :D
  12. MarknSue

    Trip Report 12/31 - 1/13

    The Pool looked fantastic but it was a bit too chilly for us, although we could sunbathe we had to do so with a windbreak! The volcano effect is pretty cool. Ahh the memories...
  13. MarknSue

    Trip Report 12/31 - 1/13

    It was at Universal, can't remember the name..it's a 50's style place
  14. MarknSue

    Trip Report 12/31 - 1/13

    Thanks One Lil Spark... it does sound like we spent alot of time eating :lookaroun :lol: In fact my waistline confirms it :lol:
  15. MarknSue

    For Non-Americans

    Pretzels!! What are they all about? I don't know if they are American but I've only ever seen them in America. Those huge ones they sell in the parks are :hurl: I do like peanut butter though - especially my new Discovery of Reeses Peanut butter cups :slurp: Susie
  16. MarknSue

    Trip Report 12/31 - 1/13

    Trip report 31st Dec – 13th Jan 03 Polynesian Resort Well, we’ve been back nearly 2 weeks and I’ve finally got round to doing a trip report! We had the most wonderful holiday, staying at the Poly made it extra special as we got married there 3 years ago. We found the staff very friendly and...
  17. MarknSue

    Happy Brithday MarknSue

    cheers everyone! ive changed the birthday in our profile so that its now sue's, not mine. its not fair that i get all the attention every year! ive got my fingers crossed that i got the day right :animwink: mark
  18. MarknSue

    Happy Birthday Rooster!

    Happy Birthday Rooster! Have a great night, and if we see you out we'll be sure to get you a drink! Mark
  19. MarknSue

    Happy Brithday MarknSue

    Its my (Mark) birthday today - and thank you for your good wishes! If anybody would like a drink Ill be heading up to the bar in just a minute!
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