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    9 nights and 8 park days at Disney too much ? Please read.

    Just my opinion but Sunday March 12th appears to be a waste of a park ticket. Arriving at 10 or 11 would only leave you about 3-4 hours max of park time. If the kids choose AK by the time you walk in you might only be able to get in 1 attraction and you would have to turn around and head out to...
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    Group of 10 Dining... 6+4 Booking or Group Bookings?

    Some have a limit on line Mama Melrose is 10, Liberty Tree is 8, Yak & Yeti is 6. Not sure if by call group reservation it would be different. Other that will accept 10 are 50s Prime Time, Be Our Guest, Biergarten, Boma, California Grill, Cape May, Homecoming, Hollywood Brown Derby...
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