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    Resort Restaurant recommendation

    My extremely picky daughter (think pasta with only butter on top) actually eats at Bomas. She loves their chicken drumsticks and rice. The rest of our family then gets to enjoy trying things out.
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    Distilled water

    Thank you! We aren’t staying in a DVC resort but I’ll check their stores if I can’t find it at our resort.
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    Distilled water

    We are taking a short trip in June to the World. My husband has recently started using a CPAP and wants distilled water for it. I wasn’t planning on doing an Instacart order since we will only be there for a few days. Any chance I can find distilled water on property? We are flying in very late...
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    Park reservation questions

    Thanks everyone. I think I’ll go ahead and take our Epcot day off our reservation. We have that planned for Tuesday-can’t see that selling out right away. Appreciate the idea!
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    Park reservation questions

    My family is going to Disney for 5 days from June 12-17. We have purchased a four day base ticket with our room offer through the Disney credit card offer. My husband needs to leave a day early so I was planning on upgrading my pass and my kids passes to a five day once I got there and going to...
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    Blacklisted after applying for DCP?

    He doesn’t have any desire to work at universal. I think I warped him as a young child!
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    Blacklisted after applying for DCP?

    Thanks all. He’s still bummed but getting over it. His degree is in secondary Ed so his backup plan is getting a “real” job which mom and dad are a bit more excited about. He was just hoping for one last hurrah before joining the grown up work force. I told him that I’ll try to take him and his...
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    Blacklisted after applying for DCP?

    My son applied for the DCP and answered the online questionnaire honestly…rookie mistake. He’s a good kid and has a lot of experience working with the public. He is graduating this May and thought to just get hired as a CM. However, when he applied for a position he was immediately denied. Does...
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    Old Key West Bus Transportation

    Our room was a bit closer to the hospitality house but we always walked a bit further to the first stop. Found that in the morning it was more likely that the buses would be full and skip the HH stop. We waited quite a while for a bus on our first day before we figured that out.
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    GF: is the couch/day bed comfortable for a 5ft6in average size woman?

    My daughter is 5’8” and has slept in many of the day beds in the deluxe resorts as we are a family of five. She has had no problems with any of them. She was a bit too tall for the fold down bed at POR though.
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    Pre-Trip Mixtape - A July 2022 Trip

    Happy birthday to Yiayia. My yiayia had two official birthdays-must be a Greek thing!
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    Packing tools and tips for long trip

    If you roll up your clothes, they take up a lot less room in your luggage. That said, I always end up doing some laundry at Disney. The resort laundry rooms aren’t usually crowded. Bring some laundry pods!
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    Trip Report Honey, lets take the kids out of school - First December visit 2021

    Unfortunately I had. It happened to us on the Big Island in Hawaii! Something I’ll never forget…
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    Does using a free travel agent really help?

    I have used a TA since our first trip with my kids. I tend to make my own reservations and plan out our days but our TA was a lifesaver when I unexpectedly got a job and had to move up one trip about a month and a half before travel. My sister used the same TA who helped her get home from...
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    6,500 Miles With the Crazies - A National Parks Road Trip Extravaganza

    I am really enjoying your trip report! Our family drive from the Chicago area to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons last summer during your same dates. Interested to see if your animal sightings increased. We saw everything on our list-including a bear walking to a lake in the Tetons that was a...
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    Bucket List. First timer, traveling with a cancer patient, in need of your sage advice. :)

    Poly. But if you plan on lots of time at Epcot and DHS-Boardwalk. We took my dad when he had cancer and got him a scooter for the week which really helped as he was between chemo treatments and was not up to the walking. Best of luck and enjoy your trip!
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    Help me choose a resort

    When my kids were little, we stayed at the Poly. We spent the majority of our time at MK and it was the ease of the boat and monorail that had us returning there.
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    Trip Report Pineapple Princess Packed Her Patience

    We were right by the HH bus stop last month and had the same problem. We decided to walk to the Pennisula stop each morning since that was the first pick up stop. A bit further of a walk but well worth it in the morning.
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    Help Decide: Boardwalk/Grand Floridian or AKL Kidani 1 Bedroom

    I’d stay at boardwalk and GF. We were there a month ago and buses took forever. We usually do afternoon breaks but didn’t because it would take so much time going back and forth on the bus. The convience of walking IMO is well work the smaller room space.
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    Personal Opinion: I HATE family style meals

    We were at Biergarten a few weeks ago. I actually enjoyed the family style much more than I expected. Our waiter was very attentive and even my picky eater got enough for her liking.
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