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    One ride per park

    MK-HM AK-KS MGM-Fantasmic EPCOT-AA
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    Premium Member?

    Oh good a fight, can I watch? Steve did the right thing. He made the "Premium Forum" invisible to those folks that don't belong. That should clear up this whine session. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum. Update...I guess the "Premium Lounge" was just down for repair. Maybe Steve will take the hint?
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    COP/TimeKeep trip report on 12.29.01

    I have to agree with James. I was on Dinosaur at MGM when a lose video camera hit my arm and landed in my lap. My young son was next to me and had that camera flown in his direction it would have surely hit him in the face. When we got off the ride the owner of the camera asked me to return...
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    wdw vs disneyland

    My Opinion I'm new to this, both the forum and DL and WDW. I have recently been fortunate enough to have visited both of these wonderful parks. They're both great but I think the question should be rephrased, "If you could only visit DL or WDW (not both), which one would you pick?" The...
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    Mickey's Christmas Party (very merry)

    Bus drivers Thank you Ranger Woodlore. I have heard some stories about the Disney bus drivers. I hear that they tell jokes and do Disney trivia games sometimes. I also heard that they sometimes relate some very sarcastic humor to the guests. I'm very glad that you posted your message. I...
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    Mickey's Christmas Party (very merry)

    First Time Thank you for the helpful advice. I have heard that rushing around trying to see everything is a big mistake. I do intend to follow your advice and marked my list with those attractions you suggested. I have heard mixed reports concerning the transportation system. In your...
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    Question for americans

    U.S. Holidays There are 10 "official" U.S. holidays: 1. New Year's Day, January 1 2. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, 3rd Monday in January 3. President's Day, 3rd Monday in February 4. Memorial Day, last Monday in May 5. Independence Day, July 4 6. Labor Day, 1st Monday...
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    Mickey's Christmas Party (very merry)

    We're going for the first time to WDW and will arrive 11/30/01. We're staying at the All Stars Movie resort. I like the idea about the Christmas lights. I'll plan to bring a couple of nice strings. I've been looking at all the guides and I think this is a good time to go. Any suggestions...
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    Mickey's Magical Christmas

    I just watched Mickey's Magical Christmas (Snowed in at the House of the Mouse) and it was just wonderful. I own many of the Disney DVD's and some of the "direct to DVD" versions seem to have poor production qualities. This one was very good with lots of "inside" jokes. Buy it, you'll like it.
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