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  1. yoda_5729

    News Reedy Creek Improvement District and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

    There are a lot of reasons for box-office, one of the more important being whether a movie is actually good or not. Whether a character happens to be part of the LGBTQ community likely isn't as big a deal as some are making it. Beauty and the Beast live action grosses 1.2 billion and had a gay...
  2. yoda_5729

    GotG:MB was not a direct result of Iger/Chapek wanting to stuff IP in the parks

    I do agree that the Disney PR will always try to save face and protect it's higher ups and image, I did find it surprising they so definitively laid the idea for Galaxy's Edge to be based on the new trilogy at the feet of Bob, I'm assuming Iger. Instead of deflecting it to an imagineer decision...
  3. yoda_5729

    Park Shows Representation on Disney+

    Those shows can be found on Tubi, though they are not in HD. I think Pluto TV also has a few. Many can also be found on YouTube I think. Disney+ is also having the grand opening of Shanghai Disney premiere this month as well as Illuminations from Disneyland Paris.
  4. yoda_5729

    Can the East Coast Marvel Problem Really Be Solved? (Discussion)

    I'll be the first to admit, I'm not overly skilled at reading through legal contractual passages, but doesn't article V discuss merchandising fees, plus an annual fee? there appears to be designated 10,000 square foot area dedicated to Marvel inside the parks for merchandise, that MCA has to...
  5. yoda_5729

    Can the East Coast Marvel Problem Really Be Solved? (Discussion)

    I don't know for sure if this is accurate, but isn't it true, that though Disney cannot build any Marvel property east of the Mississippi (that Universal is currently using), they still are able to be profiting directly from their competition, in terms of merchandise sales in their greatest...
  6. yoda_5729

    ***SAVE FIGMENT***

    Which is a bit odd, since the movie Inside Out does have an easter egg cameo of classical looking Figment on a picture frame.
  7. yoda_5729

    Huge pile of dirt in MK parking lot?

    Maybe Disney finally decided to make those limited edition, authentic Jack Sparrow jars of dirt?
  8. yoda_5729

    Mini Disney World - Fan-Made Model

    This is very well done. The models themselves ae quite impressive, but you even have much of the lighting. It'd be interesting to see it in daylight, though it might give away some of the stufff like dark rides can. Either way, very good job :)
  9. yoda_5729

    If you had 15 Minutes to talk to Walt Disney, what would you ask or talk about?

    I would tell him, thank you for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Mickey Mouse, Snow White and everything else. I would thank him for all the memories and joys he's given people from all over the world, and how he helped make an artform that had little to no respect, finally achieve critical...
  10. yoda_5729

    Serious sadness about not going this weekend

    I am sorry for your loss, and hope your family can find some comfort and support in going though that. It's a small comparison, but maybe you can go online, and experience a few of your favorite rides or shows through youtube? It will never replace actually going, but it might be a way to get a...
  11. yoda_5729


    I think Eisner was good for the company, and I think he, more then Iger appreciated Walt Disney World especially. I don't think he was perfect, and he certainly has many detractors. Though I very much like and appreciate the series The Imagineering Story on Disney+, I wished they'd have spent...
  12. yoda_5729

    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    I have no idea if this individual is as "in the know" as he claims, but I also don't know that he isn't. Ultimately, I've read over the years about new monorails coming, new countries added, and all sorts of others rumors and speculations that were nothing more then that. I think we all should...
  13. yoda_5729

    Number of Riders on WDW rides....?

    Recently, I was reading an article about Millennium Falcon Smuggler's run, and Galaxy's Edge in general, and they were comparing the number of riders it is getting right now, to the numbers of various of the other rides at Disneyland. My question was, does anyone have any actuals for the total...
  14. yoda_5729

    Did Walt really create Mickey?

    True, though Kirby actually did draw the cover to Amazing Fantasy 15, Ditko did the interiors, and was more involved with the designs I think.
  15. yoda_5729

    Did Walt really create Mickey?

    I think this ultimately is a tricky concept in general. I do think Walt unquestionably deserves credit for Mickey, though I would feel more comfortable with Ub Iwerks and even Lillian getting some credit towards their contributions on the characters. Usually the way I've seen it work is that the...
  16. yoda_5729

    Tree of Life - Animal List

    That site is a very good start on it, and it's quite impressive they did all that. I wasn't aware though that all the animals on the tree were endangered species. Being absolutely specific is very hard since size and colors of the animals isn't present, but I think (and I could be mistaken), one...
  17. yoda_5729

    News Wonderful World of Animation nighttime show coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I just watched the show, and though I think the imaging looks quite clear, and that the beginning with the Chinese Theater bits were cool as well as the Mickey parts, I didn't get much emotional reaction to it. Usually you end on a high note muscially, which I wouldn't have picked Wreck-It Ralph...
  18. yoda_5729

    Tree of Life - Animal List

    I would say it matters, as a lot of people have a favorite animal, and some are not as obvious as others are on the tree. Certain ones are pretty prevalent and visible, but some that are in the roots, or high up can be more difficult. That being said, I don't know if Disney has a list or not...
  19. yoda_5729

    Will SWGE cause Disneyland to surpass Magic Kingdom in attendance?

    I think it could quite possibly, especially since Disneyland's version opens first. You'd be getting the iconic Disney rides and Galaxy's Edge in one ticket price, so I would see it as being a huge draw. However, when Magic Kingdom's 50th Anniversary, along with Tron opening and the hysteria...
  20. yoda_5729

    News Magic of Disney at MCO to close - new store in Spring 2019

    I believe earport is one of the names of the Disney stores at Orlando International Airport
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