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    What park do you go to first?

    Always start at Hollywood Studios and work your way up, on this note I actually like Hollywood Studios more than Epcot and Animal Kingdom.
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    How far do you live from WDW ?

    9,000 miles, not exactly a weekend trip away
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    Test Track closing early April 19

    Disappointing for those travelling to Epcot later with little notice.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    Alot of different articles etc I have read state it won't be finished until well into 2021. It will most definitely be interesting to see how long it takes for actual construction to begin.
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    Getting kicked out of Disney for cutting in line...doubt it will ever happen!

    Getting kicked out is a bit of a stretch. However making others angry is most definitely not. A couple of weeks ago in the Navi River Journey Line a group of 10 people over the space of 5 minutes pushed in front of us to get to their family. None of them excused themselves or explained what they...
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    Which Parks??

    It greatly depends upon your kids and families interest. For the most ‘Disney’ so to speak the Magic Kingdom is excellent for 2 days and so too is Animal Kingdom for 1 day. The final day could be either Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Epcot is definitely a much larger park, so if you think you will...
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    Space Mountain Stars

    I most definitely did notice this, until they decided to put the lighting on for the People Mover track passing through Space Mountain
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I would presume it would. If they are going to undertake a major tomorrowland refurbishment surely that would be on the agenda.
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    Rumor Epcot to gain signature steakhouse and seafood venue in Japan Pavillion?

    I agree. The food options are a plenty at World Showcase.
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    News Monorail Red in motion with guests on board and doors open

    I am sure Disney will attempt to make the monorails handle larger capacites, through certain design changes. In relation to the picture I think the walkway is too skinny to fit strollers, wheelchairs etc. It needs to be more accessible.
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    The thread a few pages back was relating to Epcot needing a roller coaster, and I simply asked what Test Track was classed as? Not trying to create any confusion. Gringots for me is a roller coaster and simulator combined.
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    Port Orleans French Quarter Customer Service

    I am staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter until Saturday. Upon checking in today the staff were extremely pushy when taking my bags and extremely unhelpful and rude at the front desk when checking in. Has anyone had this type of experience at this particular resort?? Is this becomeing an...
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    News Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Historical Construction/Impressions

    It will undoubtedly we a very busy place upon opening and I believe capacity will be poor for the attraction involving the millennium falcon (I don’t know the name of it) However on the positive it will be a very unique and immersive experience, one I think no one will have experienced
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    Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion

    Was the closing of Ellen’s Energy Adventure for the best or the worst??
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    Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion

    Bit of a different question. Do we know if the pavilion will be sponsored or funded by the Brazilian government??
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    A long time Disney fan turns sour!

    Okay no worries. I made a point and personal view in this forum relating to Disney and have respectfully debated it throughout. I don’t need to you to knit pick how I convey a particular point.
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    A long time Disney fan turns sour!

    I don’t follow what you are getting at??
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    A long time Disney fan turns sour!

    I absolutely understand that. I was not putting forth my points to undermine anyones expertise or knowledge. I just felt no one had put the points forth that I mentioned, hence the reason I mentioned it.
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