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    Overrated WDW Experiences

    Sorry you had to learn the hard way Jules. You can't do better than right inside the WS on the section that sticks out there. You are almost too close. :D
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    Atlantis SE DVD

    Are you buying this? Are you buying it because you like it or because you must have every Disney movie? I have never seen it but I plan on buying it because I heard it is the type of movie I like. I liked Titan AE which I've heard it is similar to.
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    The Lion King IMAX 2003

    Any word of additions to TLK like they did in BatB?
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    MVMCP Pictures

    How long on average does it take to get pictures back from the Christmas Party? We were there on Dec 13th 2001 and still haven't seen any pictures. On a side note, and E-card send from Disney Quest on the same trip was just delivered! Things must not be going well behind the scenes. :rolleyes:
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    Land running out for ioa

    Show me the speed I want to add the comment that I think a rollercoaster should be seen by the general audience. IMO there is nothing cooler than going into BGT and seeing the Kumba and Montu going right over your head at close range. Similarly I love being able to see the near miss loop of DD...
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    So, Universal buys an ad for the Superbowl

    Thanks for the heads up Quentin. I'm glad to see it, the possibilty of more money coming in means more great things from one of my favorite parks. I hope the commerical is well edited showing people how cool it really is. Hopefully they will give the info needed to get their video which is...
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