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    disney looking to sell celebration

    disney is looking for buyer for disneys town of celebration down town and golf course.if they sell what will disney own there??? i know they sold some of their office buildings will they have anything left to own at celebration?????
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    is something going on with disney.com websight?last 2 days every time i try to log on takes forever -and doesnt start up-anyone else having this problem?
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    disney venetian resort

    thanks for info just anote i was on hong kong disneyland websight and one of their hotels looks just like the concept drawings for venetian at disney-maybe they used that same idea- anyway i thought it would have been great addition to disney resorts
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    disney venetian resort

    i know this has been discussed in the past but any news of whats going on with disney venetian resort-????/ any thing or is it dead??i think it would be great for a 5 star rsort at disney.
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    * Disney Stores Sold *

    eisner recently said in interview that disney even if sold will still be part of disney just owned under different company with licensing deal.he said it will be like the relationship between olc and disney with disney store japan and tokyo disneyland.what this would mean is even though another...
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    "Finding Nemo" is #1 at the Box-Office

    how did that compare to opening of lion king toy story and monsters inc anybody know?????
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    * Disney Stores Sold *

    kind of an interesting note-i go to disneycareers everyday and since the announcement they have advertised for 4 store managers in 4 different areas and an area manager for hawaii. im kinda of perplexed by this.i worked in retail management for 12 years in a store manager and district...
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    * Disney Stores Sold *

    unless the oriental land company buys the disney store chain id rather see the compnay just shut it down.i dont think there is a retail chain out there that would do any better than disney did.look at the retail chains that operate small specialty kids/family stores that would be interested.ever...
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    Vault Disney

    i really ,really,really,miss the old disney channel offerings.i got the disney channel in 1986 when it wasnt even a 24 hour channel-stopped programming at midnight and restarted at 6am. they had a great mix of shows for all ages.i loved the old classics like zorro and i think it was called...
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    Disney stores to close??

    well this is my 2 cents worth. 1-dont loose sleep until its officially announced by the walt disney company.as like many other times we all(including myself) we all get excited and even mad when we hear of things thet are going to happen for the worse.i read the article in full and it says from...
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    The Disney Store

    try disney consumer products mr.andrew mooney,president 500 buena vista street burbank,ca 91521 (818)567-5401 if his eyebrow is to be raised anyone who sees this might want to write him-if just a couple of letters come in hes gonna think just some complainers but if he has letters...
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    The Disney Store

    if i were to write a letter to get a point across id write to andrew mooney who is the president of disney consumer products which disney store is under. i think if u go to eisner it might get lossed in the pile but putting the issue closer to the matter like mooney u might get a better response.
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    The Disney Store

    having been a manager in retail for 12 years and a disney freak i have closely watched disney store from its first store in 1987 in glendale to now.i too miss the kewl disney merchandise like cells,polos and ties and watches.the problem was this;we all love disney and liked the high end...
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    Applying for management position

    hmmmm-i always try to go straight to the top when trying to get something-maybe write marty sklar-chairman disney imagineering-tell him your intentions im sure he would pass it on-hes one of the few left in the company who knew walt disney and really has a true love for the disney legacy and im...
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    Operations Manager

    i know al wiess is president of wdw-(BIG CHEESE) this may have changed but i think erin wallace is under wiess as vice president operations walt disney world resort and phil holmes is vice president of magic kingdom operations-george kilogradis was vp of epcot but recently went to disneyland as...
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    Applying for management position

    it is true that some cms start in hourly roles than get promoted to mgt however that is not the case for everyone.it really depends on your degree and experience and how bad disney needs that position filled.disney tries very hard to fill salaried roles internally first but does go externally...
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    disney security question

    i know there have been many questions in here about disney security positions.i have a unique one i think. my airforce buddy who decided to stay in 10 years longer than me is leaving to pursue a law enforcment career outside of the air force-he wants to know if there is any type of disney...
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    APRIL 4th WDW NEWS UPDATE!!!! lots of info this week....

    actually i stand on the fence on this one. it is true frank wells was president-when he died eisner was and still is ceo.his official title has always been ceo walt disney company even though the compnay didnt have an official presidnet after wells death for a while.he never had the title of...
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    Fighting in WDW

    i bashed some guys head into the side of a monorail!! and even got to ride in front of the monorial too after too!:brick: :brick: :dazzle: :dazzle: :dazzle:
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    The Alamo Teaser Poster

    i agree with u 100%-being a yankee from ny and raised in fla for most of my life im not really for either side.my issue is with how hollywood as a whole really doesnt use accurate info about historical events.im not saying the north or south was evil-but it isnt fair to always having the south...
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