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  1. CottonBlossom

    Cool Vanity Plate

    That is cool. I visited my cousin in Illinois and all the cars had personalized plates. I guess they don't charge extra over there (as long as there were letters and numbers). It was fun reading them all. :)
  2. CottonBlossom

    Monster INC and BatB IMAX

    I thought that Monsters Inc. was a better movie. I enjoyed Shrek, but I waited until it was on video to see it. I didn't buy it. I saw Monsters in the theatre and I will definitely buy it on DVD. So I think over the long run, Monsters may beat Shrek out.:animwink:
  3. CottonBlossom


    I copied your spelling cause I don't know much about that food or how to spell it. So it was the blonde leading the blonde.:lol:
  4. CottonBlossom

    my love life (the next stage)

    Make sure to been seen on your date, either by her, or one of her friends. That's the worst.:hammer: Knowing the guy she dumped is just fine without her will drive her crazy. I wouldn't trust her or your "friend". Move on.
  5. CottonBlossom


    Re: Re: Pledge Sounds like an internet horror flick.:)
  6. CottonBlossom


    You know , I don't think I've ever tried a turnip or a rhutababa. I'll have to try them someday. My vegetable craving is usually for green beans, loaded with salt and butter.
  7. CottonBlossom


    Based on your choices....... With a monorail: I'd go with the Polynesian. The grounds are really beautiful. I find it very romantic. I walked around there at night and they had these tiki torches lit on some of the pathways. Great honeymoon atmosphere. Without a monorail: I'd say...
  8. CottonBlossom

    Hotel Restaurants

    My favorite dinner was at Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian. The food was excellent and plenty. It is not cheap, but not as pricey as the California Grill. A dinner for 2 (including drinks, appetizers and dessert) cost around $80 + tip. I really felt like I got my money's worth. You can...
  9. CottonBlossom


    I found a great state code on Mousesavers last summer that saved me big bucks. I thought for sure it was a scam and once I got to Disney they'd demand the $1500 I saved using the code. Well, it really worked. Check often to see if any kind of code or discount becomes available. It is...
  10. CottonBlossom

    Tony's Town Square

    I know how you feel disneydreamer. Tony's was a great place for breakfast, if only just to people watch out the window. :(
  11. CottonBlossom

    If you can stand another new member.....

    I just added that. You didn't miss anything.:lol:
  12. CottonBlossom

    As long as we're doing introductions...

    Hi Rajah!:sohappy:
  13. CottonBlossom

    If you can stand another new member.....

    Hi tnkrbell! I'm "Tinkbell" on the Dis.:slurp: I thought I'd go for a new name, but I just put my alias in my location.:)
  14. CottonBlossom

    If you can stand another new member.....

    I'd like to introduce myself.:lookaroun Yes, I got your link from the Dis and decided to check it out. I've looked around and it looks a great site. Your smilies rule too.:sohappy:
  15. CottonBlossom

    Hi I'm new here!

    Hey guys! Another Diser here too. I use a different name over there (Tinkbell). I just decided to try a new look.:slurp: And this slurp smiley guy is really cool. Is the Dis down? I couldn't get on. Or maybe they KNOW I'm here and I'm locked out! LOL:fork: This site does look very nice.
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