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    News 'Beyond Big Thunder Mountain' Blue Sky concept revealed for Magic Kingdom

    There is space back there to do the land and not impact the Railroad. An additional station would be possible needed.
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    Scannable Gift Cards

    OK, that is all helpful. Worst case is I can just buy a card when I get to WDW and transfer my funds to that new card. Thank you!
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    Scannable Gift Cards

    I buy e-gift cards from Target and consolidate on gift card website. I keep the numbers on my phone so I can copy and paste as I use the cards, and I carry one card that I keep loaded for swiping. In May, we chaperoned a school trip to WDW and everyone was given a 50th anniversary gift card with...
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    The feeling I got near the end of Guardians (IMO, that is the most "intense" moment), felt very similar to me to the part of Everest that hits me the hardest (going backward when you sort of feel that maybe you're going upside down). Neither is too intense for me personally, so I can speak to...
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    Connections Cafe and Eatery

    We ate there last weekend and we are (almost) all impressed. One member of my group ordered a burger that had stuff on it that he wasn't expecting, so it's on him. Only complaint is that we had a terrible time finding a table, and there were plenty of other people wandering for a table as...
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue and Lighting Lane status

    A little late in answering this and faik this has already been confirmed, but our BG on Friday was called and we were in the queue for close to an hour, with stretches of time with no line movement at all. When we got to the bridge overlooking the loading area we saw all empty trains that had...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Do you think that when they get this done they will finally turn to Imagination? I feel like, years ago, you had hinted that was the long-term plan.
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    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    Been a while since I've seen a thread go this far askew.
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    News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021

    I heard it from our room at Bay Lake. Lots of pyro!
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    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Two quick pieces of context before my post: 1) I’ve been coming to Epcot since it first opened. As an 11 year old, I remember being a rarity (for my age group) for loving rides like motion, spaceship, and soon horizons. My friends all thought it was boring. But Epcot has always had a special...
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    Creations Shop opening this summer

    I know they said "summer," but I don't see how this could be ready in the next month.
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    The Young Ones was on MTV here.
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I remember catching a show called "Chef" a couple of times when I've been across the pond. Funny show. Never was able to find it streaming in the US. (Sorry to perpetuate the thread drift)
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    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Pulled or they've already hit a limit on applications. It says "the job has been filled."
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    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    At this point, I would assume a summer opening. Just based on the employer search. I have no inside info.
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    News Gelateria Toscana - Construction between Italy and American Adventure pavilions

    There's also two places to buy beer and pretzels about 50 feet away from each other in Germany...and both always have a line.
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