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  1. disney2b

    Snow White to Close Thursday, May 31

    That photo does look like it was magical. I can't wait to hear about the day. I hope future visits to the Magic Kingdom go smoothly without the ride.
  2. disney2b

    Official Photography Contest 7.22.05 - 7.28.05: Sunset Blvd

    Starring Rolls Bakery at sunset on Sunset Blvd
  3. disney2b

    Care to share an opinion?

    The picture's look good to me. Are shooting with film or digital?
  4. disney2b

    Canon EOS Lens advice

    I agree with you there, especially for wildlife photography.
  5. disney2b

    Canon EOS Lens advice

    I have the Canon 18-55 on my Canon 20D and it works great for me. Good Luck with the purchase.
  6. disney2b

    Official Photography Contest 7.8.05 - 7.14.05: Fireworks

    I think I might be going to WDW soon so I thought I would come by the boards and check out the world. It helps to see the exif info in people pictures also, saves some trial and error by me with a new camera this year.
  7. disney2b

    Epcot Avatar Entries Go In Here!!!

    Here is my entry.
  8. disney2b

    Wallpaper Contest #29 - Horizons!!!

    I decided to give the contest a try.
  9. disney2b

    Post pictures of you!

    buy the Warwick over the Fender. I bought a Carvin a year ago, there equal to a Warwick and american made. There guitars suck but the bass dont even compare to any others in its price range. I get a pic of it later, it has the best looking wood i've ever seen.
  10. disney2b


    Well i mistyped anti, it's not hard since i dont get MTV.
  11. disney2b


    The money yes, and the girls yes. I have a question with DSA, i listened to few of the songs. I found it intersting that you guys have all this stuff going on in the songs, and its not mumbled like some bands are. I was wondering what your set up is. i definately heard some type of...
  12. disney2b

    Post pictures of you!

    So what kind of Fender is that, I''m guessing a split-coil P-bass. I'll have to post mine sometime.
  13. disney2b

    Post pictures of you!

    I thought WDW David looked like someone i've seen before.
  14. disney2b

    Old School Map....must see!!

    Looks like its from the 80's. when did u get it? interesting map
  15. disney2b

    Your DVD List

    Quite a few. wow thats a lot. how many years did it take you to get all those?
  16. disney2b

    Post pictures of you!

    here's me
  17. disney2b


    I think i noticed you like DMB use to be a big fan of theres. Some do sound the same. I'm anit-mtv. There is some different sounding stuff on this CD.
  18. disney2b


    I was wondering how many of you went out and got the new Linkin Park cd or are going to. I think Faint is my favorite song. There not my favorite band but they always have an interesting sound. I just got it at Best Buy three out of the six people in line were buying it.
  19. disney2b

    Attractions not working right

    I've rode Splash Mountain probably over 50 times, and i see it broken a lot. It seemed like i read in the imageering book that it cost something like a million dollars though i may be mistaken. I finally saw Space Mountain with the lights on last summer. I think there are trying to cut on things...
  20. disney2b

    Crying at Disney!

    Welcome Sora:wave: I dont remember if i cried. But when i saw the Main Street Electircal for it's last time before it left. I grew up on that parade so it was sad to see it go.
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