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  1. J

    Haunted Mansion vs. Phantom Manor

    Phanton Manor is in my opinion much better. It has a story line unlike the others and the actual building is scarier. Also there are three sections to the ride, the stretching room (the same), but then a corridor of pictures that change into evil ones as you look at them and then the sit on...
  2. J

    The Lion King IMAX 2003

    I went to see Fantasia 2k and we booked the tickets on the internet. When we arrived the place was so packed that they had sold our seats and had to bring in chairs, so IMAX must be quite popular.
  3. J

    Who's idea was it anyway?

    :sohappy: No-one yet has put explaind it like that, that it is for people in a rush I now understand the thinking. OK idea but not the greatest. I do however still stand by the fact these are fake and so could have been placed in the middle of the Sahara desert and had a similar affect. I...
  4. J

    New Disney Movies

    Treasure planet looks very promising but I am not holding my breath for Lilo and Stitch it looks boring and a perculiar copy of ET. The feature movies are slipping post Lion King they went down, Mulan and Tarzan and for the few people that saw it Fantasia 2000 brought the standards back up but...
  5. J

    Who's idea was it anyway?

    I have not been so I suppose I am not in a position to say this but from what I have seen of DCA its aweful. There are no original rides except maybe the Soarin' one. The themeing looks poor and the BIGGEST MISTAKE that I still cannot understand how anyone at Disney can think it was a good...
  6. J

    WDS Opening

    Beware there is an odd days holiday in my area (Sometime in April) I don't know whether it is in the rest of the country but that is when I am going so I guess a few others might as it is either a Monday or Friday so you get a long weekend. I am hoping it won't be crowded but there aren't that...
  7. J

    let the planning begin :)

    My favourite hotels are the Cheyenne and Hotel New York (Cheyenne is more for kids though). DLP is in my opinion the best park (except maybe DL for being the original) because it is more detailed and very different (no Tomorrowland, no Jungle Cruise but really cool islands instead, a...
  8. J

    Disney Treasures

    At GREAT expense I should be getting the Disney Treasures DVD's imported after Christmas and I found when reading reviews that a second wave is planned. Personally I would like to see the remaining few Silly Symphonies, Donald, Pluto and Goofy packs similar to Mickey and TV shows something...
  9. J

    What You Would Like To See In A RCT 2 Or Expansion Pack

    I would love to see animated scenery like moving animals and a vast improvement would be to create a buildings feature. Also the day a minute sucks, they should take longer and have cranes and fences have to be put up. Also sit down retaurants and curvable land.
  10. J

    The'E' Ticket Mag

    Has anyone ever read or bought any of the 'E' ticket magazines. I was interested in getting a copy or two but with shipping they would cost alot:rolleyes: Are they any good and how big are they. Thanks.
  11. J

    Euro Disney Under Construction

    Glad you like them, I took them myself when I went years ago. Unfortunately bar once I haven't been back since.:cry:
  12. J

    Euro Disney Under Construction

    Here is an above view taken at the same time. Casey Jr. was not open I think they were running tests with sandbags though.
  13. J

    Euro Disney Under Construction

    Did you know that before it was finished the Storybookland canal boats were opened at Euro Disney? The mini buildings were all installed but there were no characters anywhere to be seen. Here is Belle's village looking like a ghost town.
  14. J

    Euro Disney Under Construction

    I know these attractions have been finished and open for years but I thought it would be interesting to see them being built. So here is Space Mountain under construction.
  15. J

    DL pre 1983 fantasyland

    Does anyone have a map or overview of the old fantasyland at Disneyland prior to 1983, I am curious as to where Dumbo, Tea Party and the Carrousel moved from and to.
  16. J

    Carousel of Protest

    I thought that Horizons was taken away due to the building being too dangerous to use. No amount of petitions is going to stop a health and safety risk.
  17. J

    MORE Rare characters

    Were the crows from Dumbo ever made?
  18. J

    UK DVD releases

    1. Does anyone know the release date for Disney movies on DVD in the UK (region 2). 2. Are the Christmas videos that are now in the shops available in DVD. 3. Are the Disney Treasures going to be released in the UK.
  19. J

    WDS Opening

    I am going a couple of weeks after it has opened, I too wanted to be there for the opening but I heard that the first day is by invite only so it would be just as good going quite near the opening.
  20. J

    rehab needed

    Weren't they planning to update JC at DL with Tarzan characters but did the tree house instead? I think the car park trams at MK should be themed after the Disney movies, a bit like the new MGM parade.
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