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    Dream....squished flat...

    $8.50 an hour cfull time so pullin close to 40 hours a week
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    Get rid of McDonald's in the Parks

    don't get me on that supersize me crap. oh and by the way, 99% of McDonald's no longer offers supersize. believe it or not, it wasn't orer as often as everyone thinks. (i know. i worked drive thru for 5 years). i NEVER offered it, why? BECAUSE NO ONE BOUGHT IT!!!! Lewis Black said it best...
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    Get rid of McDonald's in the Parks

    holy crud...wow...anti-french sentiments guy: do you not go through Canda either? you do know they are english-french right? so i guess that excludes england as well since it's bookended by france and then canda which has french in it as well. i'm just curious. as far as mcdonald's french...
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    Your Final Goodbye?

    kinda with bgraham here...i'd do one last look at haunted mansion (maybe salute it) and just go. otherwise...i'd never be able to leave. heck the day i left Charlotte, NC to move to florida (2 weeks ago) i nearly cried.
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    Dream....squished flat...

    well, for those who care lol, i just got hired as a host for Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. so, should be interesting. good pay.
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    Hannah Montanna at Typhoon Lagoon this summer!

    is it me, or is disney just going after any little teeny bopper girlt hat can KINDA sing and KINDA act, givingt hem shows and record deals?
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    Dream....squished flat...

    well, i can see the good manners and all it just felt awkward. i'm not tryign to be negative it just didn't seem like what they did was very accomdating. it'll be something i won't give up though. i may go back 6 months from now and see if i can get one backstage that doesn't deal too much with...
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    Dream....squished flat...

    oh i'm not bitter at all, just finding everything ironic. most places i work ask about the leg first and foremost. but ehre it wasn't an issue untilt he only job i could be offered would be detramental to the leg. i do plan, however, to eventually get my teeth fixed/replaced seeing as i have...
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    Dream....squished flat...

    yeah but i can't be around water for very long. my prosthetic leg is all i have at the moment, too much water and i'd be without a job due tot he fact that i won't have a functioning leg anymore. in the past, too much water on the leg has caused the hinge in it (if that's what you can call it)...
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    Dream....squished flat...

    well, for now it's squished flat...i will eventually get my teeth repaired but that was the sole reason i couldn't do anything on stage. not like i can just go "oh yeah, they're fake see, here's my real ones" *sigh* oh well...
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    Dream....squished flat...

    well, i just recently moved from Charlotte, NC to Winter Haven, FL. took it upon myself to apply to Disney world. attractions specifically. as did my mom and my sister. They got in, i didn't. unfortunately for me, due to another birth defect of mine, my teeth are not all that strong and are...
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    Disney faced with lawsuit in Mission: Space death

    i'm going to get in my car, not wear a seatbelt, get in an accident and then sue GM or Honda or Ford for not warning me enough times to wear a seat belt (if i survive). yeah, this family has a fat chance.
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    what will happen to haunted mansion?

    The Haunted Mansion has no plot!!!!!!! ugh, this is the biggest of the disney urban myths, alongside the chess pieces on the WDW mansion. the plot is that it's a retirement home for ghosts. as was said before, everything else is either CM or fan made up. as for the upgrades, it would be a great...
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    1952 date on entrance tunnel of Rock N' Rollercoaster

    actually, it's not really 50's themed Hollywood. ToT takes place, story wise, in the 30's.
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    Disney Debuts Mission:Space Lite

    ...and now the joke gets killed. i thought it was funny.
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    RockIt Mountain Preview

    yeah doubt i'll had bubbastink to any playlist...cool they're using rock on Space Mountain but it seems like a tamer (and musically lamer) version of Rock 'N' Roller.
  17. H

    I wish WDW'S Haunted Mansion had this...

    :eek: I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    iced s w e e t tea?

    and because of the varying degree's in "Sweet tea" i'lls tick to soda. i'm from new york but prefer sweet tea only because of my soda addiction...though unsweet isn't that bad either.
  19. H

    The Kingdom Keepers

    i had an idea for this book a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. two of my friends and i ride space mountain into an alternate world where the attractions are real and we have to get back to ours...even drew a picture of my interpretation of it back in 98...
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