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  1. MickeyTheMouse

    How bad is it in June/July?

    Congratulations, first of all. Second, I would try to aim for the last week of June. The first week of July is awful because of the forth and the heat and rain and being crowded next to lots of people definitely makes it uncomfortable. Also, Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening...
  2. MickeyTheMouse

    Share your Favorite Secret

    This isn't really a secret but it is a cool sight. When you are going backwards on EE, look down. You can see some light sneaking in through the mountain and you can see a limited amount of the poless and other things in the mountain.
  3. MickeyTheMouse

    where should I stay off base...

    My family and I always stay at the Comfort Suites Maingate East. It's a nice hotel, has a pool and "kiddy" pool area as well as complimentary breakfast and it is right across from an area where restaurants and gift shops are packed together. Also, it is located just behind the Orlando Fun Stop...
  4. MickeyTheMouse

    What's inside mount everst?

    No, in the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction at Disneyland, Walt asked the climbers what they wanted up there for fun in between scaling the mountain. They said a basketball court. So a half court basketball court was put at the top of the mountain and was later removed in a recent refurbishment.
  5. MickeyTheMouse

    EPCOT Center 2010

    I love the Walt Disney World "throwback" shirts, if you will. That logo is before my time so it's really great to see the older logo on new shirts.
  6. MickeyTheMouse

    Favorite Hidden Micky

    Yeah its on a big red rock as you exit. There are two cacti rite next to it.
  7. MickeyTheMouse

    Favorite Hidden Micky

    My favorite is probably the mickey made by trees about 1o miles north of the MK in an open field. You can really only see it from an aircraft or google earth or google images.
  8. MickeyTheMouse

    Slight let down

    Passholder Tickets Are Worse I am a Florida Annual Passholder and the ticket that I have, I kid you not, is a semi-thick piece of paper. When I say semi-thick, it is rippable. I've seen tickets like the ones you have bought and they are far more durable than passholder tickets.
  9. MickeyTheMouse

    Guess the attraction from the script

    I want to say Spaceship Earth If so, here's mine "Dad, Grandma scored 800 points" "800?!"
  10. MickeyTheMouse

    Word of Mouth (word association)

    two girls 1 cup
  11. MickeyTheMouse

    Word of Mouth (word association)

    The Dark Knight
  12. MickeyTheMouse

    Monday memorial day

    Arriving at noon!!! I usually go there at around 10:00 A.M. and FP for Soarin' are usually gone at 10:30-11:00 A.M. If there are any FP left for Soarin', get one! Lines at Test Track usually aren't as long (they're only about an hour long as opposed to Soarin's 90 minutes +) so wait in line...
  13. MickeyTheMouse

    blizzard beach in the US top 5 water parks

    Travel Channel Ranking I was watching a special on the Travel Channel called "Extreme: Waterparks" and BB was ranked #1. I think TL was far better as the thrills and fun was really spread out, whereas in BB the only thing really worth going for is Summit Plummit. :king:
  14. MickeyTheMouse

    2009 crowds vs 2008 crowds

    August and September are about the same crowd wise, it's during the summer so not many "snowbirds" are in WDW. But August is the end of the rainy season, but unless you really wanted to see the waterparks it should still have that magic!:wave: I hope you have a great trip
  15. MickeyTheMouse

    Planet Earth to take over The Land?

    I think that this would be a very wise choice by Disney. That film has needed an upgrade for a while and this might just help it along.:sohappy:
  16. MickeyTheMouse

    SAD NEWS at the Animal Kingdom

    Wow that's really too bad it's sad to hear about stuff like this but I guess everything happens for a reason
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