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    Disneyland Ticket Question/Problem Due to COVID

    I thought about buying new tickets, but I need FIVE 5 day park hoppers, so that's $$$$$. WDW wouldn't be so bad since we go there regularly, but DL is a 6 hour flight, so who knows when we're gong back.
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    Disneyland Ticket Question/Problem Due to COVID

    Thanks. Any idea if it's true that I could have anyone go to the ticket booths and upgrade them for me- like if my brother was going out there for work? That's what I was told, but it seems really suspect to me that Disney is going to let some random person with the e-ticket codes, who isn't...
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    Disneyland Ticket Question/Problem Due to COVID

    I've answered peoples questions before, but I don't think I've ever ask one of my own. We've been to WDW many times but never to DL. We had a trip planned for the summer of 2020, but COVID took care of that. Unfortunately, we bought DL tickets through Undercover Tourist about a month before...
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    Is the DVC business for sale?

    I don't believe this is true- at least for existing properties. They can do anything they want for future development. First, I think we need to clarify that while everyone refers to it as Disney Vacation Club, DVC is technically the common owners association. The development, marketing and...
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    Need Feedback - How many days in each park?

    I think you probably get more done if you hit 1 park all day/night vs park hopping, but it's really rough after a day or two. We prefer to rope drop a park every morning in order to get big rides in, stay till the park gets stupid crowded/hot (sometimes longer if we're trying to catch a show or...
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    Are tickets to WDW really over priced?

    My bigger problem with WDW is that at the same time they have increased the cost of EVERYTHING at a rate that exceeds inflation (significantly exceeds CPI inflation in my opinion), and added countless additional charges (parking being the biggest), they have also exponentially increased the...
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    anyone ever get compped free fast passes?

    Yea, Last month. We were on Winnie the Pooh and it broke down so they gave us MDE fast passes. Good on any ride except 7DMT and had to be used that day. We used them later that day on Space Mountain but they didn't show up in MDE (I'm not sure the cast member really knew what they were doing...
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    Disney Transportation Card Sets

    I ask a couple times when I was there in January and was told that due to COVID they weren't handing them out. I was just there in June and didn't even ask due to the number of obviously new cast members we were encountering.
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    What if Disney Brought Warner Bros. in 2016 instead 20th Century Fox?

    I believe that Warner Bros. does own the Looney Tunes IP, but I'm not sure that they do for some of the other newer stuff like Harry Potter. Just because you produce and/or distribute a movie doesn't mean that you own all the rights. I'm sure that J. K. Rowling retained a lot of the rights-...
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    Rumor My Genie Conclusions - The Future of WDW’s Ticketing

    We're DVC. I wasn't thrilled with out most recent trip. Disney should not assume DVC means you will ALWAYS be back. Not only are there other options to use points (use more points to stay at a bigger/nicer place instead of going a 2nd time or exchange points to use through RCI at non Disney...
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    What's going to happen with Annual Passes?

    If they aren't going to drastically increase park ticket prices (god knows they are already ridiculous), then they have to watch what they do with AP prices at WDW. In my view, the "unlimited" pass can't be more than right around the cost of two 7 night park hoppers. A lot of people buy them...
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    Answer to Epic Universe?

    Agreed. That's why we don't go to Universal more...just can't justify the cost in addition to Disney, especially since we aren't usually there long enough to do a week at Disney and 3-4 days at universal (that's what their current pricing is calibrated for). I just can't justify going to...
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    Answer to Epic Universe?

    WDW's attendance numbers are so big largely because so many families go there for one to two weeks at a time vs two to three days for most people at Universal. I doubt any single Universal park will ever exceed the MK, however, Disney is likely to have an issue once Epic Universe opens...
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    Coach buses

    And this is why Disney should have invested in a fixed route mass transit solution instead of doubling down on more Buses and bigger roads. Not only is that infrastructure and bus replacement cost high, but the amount of staffing (especially hard to fill CDL positions) is astronomical vs. some...
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    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    We can agree to disagree. All I can say is that FP+ made my family's trips significantly better VS what we just experienced. With that said, everyone should remember that there are still many variables at play that impact current conditions (though I doubt things would be any better without...
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    FastPass+ Most Certainly Not Coming Back As It Was

    Well, there's no FP+ now and almost nothing has a low wait, so not sure I buy that. People could use their 3 FP's however they wanted...if they wanted to do shows or C tickets that didn't usually have big waits, that was up to them. Personally we always picked 3 E-tickets, rope dropped a 4th...
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    Give me 5 reasons why I should book AKL

    I'd keep it at WL, you can't go wrong, especially at Christmas (Thanksgiving is part of Christmas, right? LOL) We just got back from a split stay that ended at AKL Jambo House. We had a 1BR DVC savanna view villa. It was nice, but we honestly didn't see that many animals (at least not close...
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