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    Is attendance really down at WDW this or…

    Disney has been getting to be a an expensive hassle. 1. line up to pay for parking. (LOL your in line before you get out of your car) 2. park and line up for the tram. 3. get off the tram and line up for monorail 4. get off monorail and line up for security 5. Line up at the turnstiles. 6. Hope...
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    News Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser to permanently close this fall

    This project was not well thought out. This is a case of then what. They needed to know how many die hard SW fans would have the 5k for 2 days and were willing spend the money, and that would probably be a year of bookings (based on what's happening). Then what? Would these people come...
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    News Walt Disney Company plans to spend $17 billion at Walt Disney World over the next ten years

    Your right about 1st amendment right of Disney, but its an unforced error to get involved where they need not walk. If I owned a store and I hung a sign up that says "women are a burden to society", just because I have a first amendment right to say it, it is stupid because I would cut my...
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    News Disney World’s Tigger gets investigated, revealing tough character job at the Most Magical Place on Earth

    She must have been traumatized.... they had to review the video tape and see if his hand stopped on her butt, brushed it, or missed it completely... Florida law requires a hand to be on some ones butt for at least 0.75 seconds to be considered groping.. But like all molestation victims, its...
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    News DeSantis moves to bring state safety oversight of the Walt Disney World Monorail including suspending the service for inspections

    I'm sure they must, but the airport monorails have a large walkway between the stations and (between trains) for downtime usage. I often wondered what would happen (God forbid) there was a fire on a monorail and it stopped between stations.
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    Perhaps you can contact Disney and they can add a section to Toontown were they show people dead from drink poisoned cool-aid and College students being gunned down.. and the kids can get a reality check right from preschool. Censorship? when did I say anything about censorship? It should be...
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    You summed it up in a nutshell.. the difference between you and me... You want Kids to feel sad or uncomfortable and all of us should feel bad... I want kids to be innocent and feel guilt free, and for the rest of us to feel proud that our forefathers started a chain reaction that ended...
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    First, I'm proud of your grandfather for doing the right thing, but he lived in an era that everyone felt the same way. I missed something that everyone in hear picked up on, did I say anything about white kids? or Feelings In actuality I was referring to all kids. Whitewashing history is...
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    Thanks for your honest reply, nice to read some sanity
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    History needs to be taught honestly and not thru revisionist eyes. This country was not built on slavery, yes slavery came into this country as it did in all other countries, but as leaders, our forefathers rose up and ended it, and this spread quite far across the world. Lets not teach the...
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    Driving pov of fringe groups onto and unsuspecting and innocent children... If my children were small now, I would not allow them to watch Disney channel, nor even a Disney movie without checking into the movie first.
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    Not that I owe you an explanation, but look at Disney Kids "Slaves built this country" video Teaching kids at a young age to hate this country and hammering them false truths, half truths and lies would be moral reprehensible.
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    Biggest new Disney grievance?

    forgot to list "Moral Decline"
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    If Disney has a "Mount Rushmore" who is on it?

    Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Yoda Disney is riding the Star wars horse to death... by 2030, they expect to produce 4 movies per year
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    Distinction between "theme park enthusiast" and "Disney Adult"

    The difference is easy to see, one hates strollers and "edible disability scooters" and thinks they should banned and the other doesn't.
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    If Walt Disney died in 1986 instead of 1966 how do things change?

    Better question would be, If Walt died in 2023, what would be different?
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    Man is trying to visit all 12 Disney Parks in 12 days

    Actually, you do earn a free pin, you had to show proof (photos) in the shop under the SSE.
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    Retiring and dealing with your Disney addiction

    To me it was a culmination of a lot of things, I noticed changes in ABC programming as early as 1999 and later after they acquired ESPN, but mostly in the programming I would see on the Disney channel (my youngest was 14 at the time) on their teen shows. I did not like the progression of...
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    Describe an attraction….badly.

    Figment with an English guy
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