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  1. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Parenting... Just in a different location.

    Late, but looking forward to reading about your adventures! Nora is adorable!
  2. Laura Loves Tigger

    Pre-Trip Help... They're Making Me Go...

    So glad you are back! I have missed you! I really understand your lack of excitement. Things are so different and I'm not sure how my adult special needs daughter will react to it all, so I have been reluctant to plan a trip. We did a Disney cruise last fall so that helped get our Disney fix.
  3. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Wherever I go, she goes

    Love Delta's terminal at DTW! And A+ on staying at the airport hotel!! So easy and much less stress when you have a morning flight. My adult special needs daughter has high anxiety when we travel and staying at that hotel has been really helpful.
  4. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Everything Is Just So Peachy Keen! *COMPLETED*

    Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family!
  5. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report 5 Million Thumbs Up - a multi-gen trip report ✨

    Following along! You are off to a great start
  6. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Start & Finish=Tragical/In Between=Magical

    I'm here. Poor J. Getting sick on vacation is the worst! Hopefully the nap restored him.
  7. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Our Fairytale Wedding

    Thanks for sharing your wedding! It was so much fun to read! Congratulations again!!
  8. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report 2 Broke Guys - on a boat! 😃

    LOVE your door magnets!
  9. Laura Loves Tigger

    Pre-Trip Wherever I go, she goes

    Following! Already love the cuteness!
  10. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Our Fairytale Wedding

    Congratulations! So enjoying your report! Your cookies looked fantastic!!
  11. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Everything Is Just So Peachy Keen! *COMPLETED*

    Late but I am here. Looking forward to it!
  12. Laura Loves Tigger

    Pre-Trip I am still here!! Disney will happen next year.

    So glad you are feeling better! Love reading about Dollywood. Haven't been there in years.
  13. Laura Loves Tigger

    Pre-Trip Our family's first ever trip to Walt Disney World

    Hope you are having a good time! Looking forward to reading all about it when you return.
  14. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Wishes Do Come True

    I'm here! Always love your reports!
  15. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Hopefully We Can Stay Home

    Thanks for the great report! Love the pictures of Riverside and French Quarter. They are among my favorite places to stay. Looking forward to reading about your next trip!
  16. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report The ONE for dinner?

    I'm here! The drama is over the top! Belated happy birthday!!
  17. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report 6 In 1!!

    So very sorry for the loss of your good friend and your aunt. You were a good friend to visit her so often.
  18. Laura Loves Tigger

    Trip Report Hopefully We Can Stay Home

    Late to the party as usual, but I am here and looking forward to your report!
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