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  1. miltimo5

    Drunkest Day at Disney

    Honestly, never. I have to travel from Pa to FL to get to WDW and I want to remember every minute. that being said, I have had several tastes at the Food & Wine festival. however, 3 years ago I was with a friend and her 3 year old grandson at the F&W festival. We grabbed some food and...
  2. miltimo5

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Walt Disney today Dec. 5th

    A man who had visions and ideas way ahead of the times. I cant even imagine what he would have in store now, with all of the technological advances. IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  3. miltimo5

    Question for those who stay in the values.

    I always stay value resorts. My current fav is Pop century since they don't share buses like the all stars. I would love to stay at wilderness Lodge but I more prefer staying longer. Now I go for ,15 to 20 days at a time. You can go to any resort to eat and/or shop or sit in their lobby to...
  4. miltimo5

    Any point in staying at the All Star Sports Resort?

    I love the value resorts. I have stayed at P.O. and all are star resorts. Depends I gues on what you want. When I am having breakfast before heading out, cafeteria style works. Can get what ever nd be in and out quickly. Dining anywhereq on property is open to you. I have found the value...
  5. miltimo5

    Would you prefer a larger shower and no tub?

    Personally I do take a bath while there. I have bad knees and after a day of walking a hot soak helps ease the pain. then I take a shower lol when I am done. but I usually stay a value resorts and they don't have hot tubs/jacuzzis
  6. miltimo5

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    185 days until arrival 5 days until dining ressies and 125 for fast passes. since it is 3 years for me (long time in my book) anything new with fast passes... still 60 days out? this is my first trip with an android phone and already checking the wait times in the parks. that...
  7. miltimo5

    Refillable Mugs

    I always do. Your drinks before and after park days x 4 days worth it... then you have the mug as a souvineer and great for using when you get home
  8. miltimo5

    If you want to give kudos...

    Now I always take the appreciation cards I find online. they are cute, i print them on card stock and give them to cm's who make my day. One of my favorites is Buzz Lightyear who says "YOU MADE TODAY OUT OF THIS WORLD". LAST TRIP MYSELF MY AUNT AND HER FRIEND WHO WENT WITH ME ALL GAVE OUR...
  9. miltimo5

    Who else here prefers a stay at a Value Resort versus a Deluxe?

    I love the value resorts. In the beginning I loved all star music first then sports... then movies opened. In between I have stayed at Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs and Port Orleans Riverside. I like the value better. First, i think the buildings are closer together. When we went...
  10. miltimo5

    A long time Disney fan turns sour!

    Sorry you didn't have a good trip... but a few things I saw that could have/should have been considered. when you found some things out of order in your room, did you call the front desk? I have had some issues but they are usually there as soon as they can to fix it. as for your 60 days out...
  11. miltimo5

    No reservations available for BOG ?

    Are you set on one particular day? Last time i took 2 older aunts, and i knew they would be impressed. i started the day reservations would be taken and i was disappointed at first. I wanted them to see it the first day - plans were MK the first day. nothing was available..arrived on a...
  12. miltimo5

    Too crowded

    since now wdw has so many "special events" almost crossing over each other, the crowds are always there. I thought October was supposed to be light crowds also, but then you have a lot of people coming for the food & wine festival, the MNSSHP is starting earlier and earlier, then Christmas...
  13. miltimo5

    Totally booked!?!

    I would not be surprised. holidays fill up quickly. I would try a few times, different resorts, you might luck out if someone cancels.
  14. miltimo5

    Family of 5 - should we bring grandma too?

    I agree bring grandma as mentioned easy to split up I went with my sister and her hubby and 6 kids.... 3-17 it was great who wants splash mnt ok who wants small world... ok go meet back at the carousel at 3pm. (this was before everyone had cell phones) worked great 3 adults...
  15. miltimo5

    Totally booked!?!

    I am not surprised and I do believe it. I went twice (thanksgiving week and following week) and arrived the day after Christmas and thru new years and I can say, in 32 trips to wdw I have never seen such crowds.. with 2 teenagers we still had like a 30 min wait to get into the ladies room...
  16. miltimo5

    Totally booked!?!

  17. miltimo5

    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    At $50-75 a day, I cant imagine that many takers. I am supposed to be going with 2 great nieces (4 & 1) who have a very friendly little malti-po don't want them around strange dogs kids tend to think all dogs are the same -- friendly hope it doesn't go over sorry a dog loving family...
  18. miltimo5

    Favorite Song From The Disney Parks

    Hard to limit it to one... probably TAPESTRY OF NATIONS
  19. miltimo5

    What resorts have you been to?

    All Star Sports Musc and Movies - several times Pop Century - 5-6 times Caribbean Beach Port Orleans Coronado Springs
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