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  1. wdwmaniac

    Disney-Pixar's Movie line up from now to 2012

    why did disney leave out some movies? unless its because they aren't directly produced by Disney/Pixar Animation Alice and Wonder Land- Tim Burton (08-09) Frankenweenie- Tim Burton and the Christmas Carol- Robert Zemeckis (Christmas 09) will disney release to animated movies in Christmas 09?
  2. wdwmaniac

    Disney + Dreamworks?

    the thing is Dreamworks is two different companies right now... Dreamworks- is currently owned by Viacom, so why in the world would they use Disney...(they have paramount) more likely could be Spielberg who is unhappy with Viacom management and would jump ship and start working under the...
  3. wdwmaniac

    Disney and Burton

    Tim Burton is pairing up with Disney to direct two 3-D pics, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Frankenweenie." Two-movie deal with Walt Disney Studios begins with "Alice in Wonderland," which will combine performance-capture imagery, currently seen in "Beowolf," with live-action footage. Script by...
  4. wdwmaniac

    most underrated Disney film?

    either treasure planet or Nightmare before christmas.
  5. wdwmaniac

    Disney- 2D Is back

    Disney's "The Frog Princess" which returns to 2-D style animation is in development with directors Ron Clements and John Musker ("The Little Mermaid") signed on. http://www.magicalmountain.net/______________Detail.asp?page=1&NewsID=1272
  6. wdwmaniac

    It's official, Disney buys Pixar

    So how any word on how Disney is going to run all it's animation studios? Circle 7, WDFA, and Disney Toon Studios, plus now PIXAR...
  7. wdwmaniac

    It's official, Disney buys Pixar

    Now I have a question..Will Disney Keep PIXAR's Name? like Muppets Holding LLC or Baby E. LLC? or since Disney is saying that it is being mergered with Disney Feature animation will it take on some kind of Disney name? ABC Family...
  8. wdwmaniac

    Does Disney Buy Pixar?

    I think Disney wasn't looking @ Dreamworks...which is a shame.
  9. wdwmaniac

    Does Disney Buy Pixar?

    As much as I would like to see Disney Buy Pixar I feel that it is over priced. Look @ Parmount's recent buyout of Dreamworks.....1.6 B if I recall for a movie library of about 56 some movies (yes not all are blockbuster but you do moviesl like saving private ryan. you also get access to all...
  10. wdwmaniac

    Disney hopes Narnia works box-office miracle

    my projection is 75-90 Million this weekend, Friday was 23.9, I think Sat. 40, and Sunday 30-35. :) Saw it twice this weekend so far to sold out theatres :)
  11. wdwmaniac

    Iger ushering in new Disney era of risk-taking

    maybe he will finally see the obvious that he should just buy Pixar..I mean 5 Billion later and all these headache's gone!!.. and while he's @ it why not Dreamworks for another 2-3 Billion...
  12. wdwmaniac

    Disney Magazine Rumor

    can the theme park division do that (since disney does have a large publishing arm)? or is this all wishful thinking?
  13. wdwmaniac

    Accepted!!! (Again LOL)

    my interview is tomorrow :)
  14. wdwmaniac

    New Disney Store

    Sweet deal will check it out when I am home for thanksgiving break..I use to go there every few weeks till school started again..Will be nice to see it a Disney Store again.
  15. wdwmaniac

    Disneyland 50th. Goodies on Sale now..

    www.disneydirect.com Get them before they sold out, just make sure you have a cap on your credit limit cause there is so much neat stuff..
  16. wdwmaniac

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    GREAT is all I have to say.
  17. wdwmaniac

    What's the deal? Is Eisner trying to back-door this deal w/ Comcast?

    I don't think a Comcast deal is that far fetched but I think Disney would be on the buying end..I mean look at the media world right now...TW has a cable, fox has direct TV, I mean the key players already have the content and the services disney has alot of content but no outlet they own so...
  18. wdwmaniac

    Disney Digging DreamWorks?

    Disney should just buy out both :) what 10 billion total? but hey aleast there movies will be good and make money :)
  19. wdwmaniac

    Disney sells Mighty Ducks

    Broadcom's co-founder buys Mighty Ducks Henry Samueli and his wife agree to buy Disney's Anaheim hockey team for an undisclosed sum. February 25, 2005: 3:44 PM EST LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Broadcom Corp. co-founder Henry Samueli and his wife, Susan, have agreed to buy the Mighty Ducks...
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