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    Are park reservations going away?

    I see. Well maybe this is a sign that the 2pm park hop time is going away! We can all hope.
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    Are park reservations going away?

    The Disney app no longer shows parking hopping after 2pm on the calendar. Has this been officially announced?
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    Are park reservations going away?

    Are park reservations going away? The park hopping after 2pm is no longer on the app in the calendar.
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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Anyone have a DVC membership number to share so I can go haha! Kidding all
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    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    Has anyone received an answer on when a passholder would need to request the refund by? Ie before the parks open tomorrow or for the first day that regular guests can attend? I think I want to get the refund but want to keep my options open.
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    News Walt Disney World's COVID-19 reopening plans announced - July 11

    Any idea on how annual passes will work? My pass is currently set to expire on June 15. With the reservation requirement, will passes be extended at all until there is no limitation?
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    How can all Moderate Disney Hotels be booked?

    Try searching different combinations of nights. I was trying to get a room at Pop Century the week of Dec 9 to the 17th. Nothing was available, however I started searching in smaller chunk sizes and end up making about 6 hotel reservations (some of them for one night only). Disney’s reservation...
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    Disney Ride posters

    They use to sell a package of 10 or so attraction posters at WDW as well as DL. I haven’t seen them in the stores for a few years now. The price was about $20 too. I’d love to see more of this.
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    Yacht Club Enhancements

    Do we know which floors have been completed and what floors are currently being worked on? Or is there a planned schedule? We are staying in mid-September at the Yacht Club and I'd like to try to request the new rooms, etc
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    Food and Wine passholder tumbler

    Hi all - did a quick search and I didn't find anything. Are the food and wine tumbler glasses for annual pass holders dishwasher safe? They do not say on them and I did not find anything searching the google machine. Thanks Dan
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    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Just walking from Everest to Whirl this morning. Saw a few floats and snapped these for your viewing pleasure Dan
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    New scenes in Star Tours 12/5/15

    Rode star tours this morning for which the first part of the ride (after the original falcon) was new with the new Star Wars movie. Not sure if anyone else has seeing this or ridden it with the new scene? Sorry - no pics or videos as I wasn't prepared for it.
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    Magic Bands & e-certificates

    Sorry for the old thread bump... I just purchased a yellow annual pass exchange certificate from my local disney store. I could not see how I could type any dates/numbers from my certificate into the my disney experience website so that I could link my certificate to make AP hotel reservations...
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    Fastpass+ for 7DMT...impossible to get?

    I thought someone once said that additional fastpasses open at 9am the day of? Is this true?
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    AP Rates Released up until Sept 27

    Yeah... Idk... I was hoping someone could help. I did see that Beach Club room available but that is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!! lol.
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    AP Rates Released up until Sept 27

    Correct... It says it in the advertisement, but when I actually searched it came up with nothing.
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    AP Rates Released up until Sept 27

    Appears AP Rates were Released up until Sept 27 now. I am going Sept 20 to 30th. There appear to not be very many resorts open during this time period. Ie, no Pop Century or Coronodo Resort or Yacht/Beach. All-Star Sports appears to be heavily discounted along with the Polynesian (probably...
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    I am canceling an ADR for Ohana’s for Monday 12-16-2013 @ 5:15pm party size of two.

    I got one at 5:10 on Sunday 12/15... Thanks though.
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    Main Street Bakery to Serve Starbucks Coffee

    At MK today and saw people with Starbucks walking around. When I walked by it this morning a bunch of cast were in front. Assuming this is a soft open. Will try to get a pic later on when I leave.
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    Lasers back on in Dinosaur

    Have not read the entire forum but I was at DAK on Sunday morning and can confirm that the lasers were indeed working.
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