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  1. Christian Fronckowiak

    You have to get rid of and remove/replace/renovate one ride/area in each park, what do you do?

    I would like to add a C/D-ticket dark ride with at least an original song if IP-driven per land per park (roughly 23 new ones resort-wide).
  2. Christian Fronckowiak

    What Disney movie needs a dark ride

    The Great Mouse Detective! feat. my favorite villain, and his song!
  3. Christian Fronckowiak

    The Void going away?

    Isn't TWDC a minority co-owner of either The Void or its parent company (if applicable)?
  4. Christian Fronckowiak

    Fox properties missing on Disney+

    Hello Dolly is featured on Disney+ in the US
  5. Christian Fronckowiak

    What wouldnt be built today?

    A theme park that they fully own and operate A Magic Kingdom with the amount of berm it has from the entrance to WDW property Probably their own resort hotels (which they still wouldn't have if not for US Steel not meeting their timeframe) Disney-MGM Studio Theme Park (although they could have...
  6. Christian Fronckowiak

    Will ANYTHING ever happen to Discovery Island?

    Here's a JHM article from over ten years ago discussing how WDI was considering making a Lost-themed experience or utilizing the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to reinvigorate the area...
  7. Christian Fronckowiak

    Park CDs

    2015 brought the Walt Disney Records' Legacy Edition of Disneyland music.
  8. Christian Fronckowiak

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Reactions: SPOILERS

    Alright, here’s my take. I feel that each of these three new films succeed as standalone movies. Having said that, I feel like they completely failed both as a three-act trilogy as well as the conclusion of the nine part saga. In the former, nearly every film contradicted a major plot point...
  9. Christian Fronckowiak

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    Keep in mind, this was the same time that Rapunzel was retitled Tangled, and the Snow Queen to Frozen, by WDAS.
  10. Christian Fronckowiak

    Do you still buy Disney movies?

    Sure, but I was asking more in terms of the films that "come back out of the Vault" over and over.
  11. Christian Fronckowiak

    HS never to be the same?

    According to Tony Baxter, the theme of the Disneyland/Magic Kingdom park is not "fantasy," but "magic made real." The Hall of Presidents is a great example of something that could fits Walt's "plausible impossible" vision, since you could never have all of the Presidents in a space at the same time.
  12. Christian Fronckowiak

    HS never to be the same?

    I'm not an executive but I never understood why Eisner couldn't mandate the making of movies at Disney-MGM, whether they even be Disney Channel Premiere or DisneyToon Studios-caliber.
  13. Christian Fronckowiak

    What are your go-to FP+ selections at each park?

    Magic Kingdom: Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, 7DMT Disney's Animal Kingdom: Kilomanjaro Safaris, Dinosaur EPCOT: Spaceship Earth, Test Track Disney's Hollywood Studios: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  14. Christian Fronckowiak

    HS never to be the same?

    I still say the erosion of the "Hollywood" theme left after this project was scrapped. Had it happened, the working studio/Old Hollywood theme would have been blended with IP rather than replaced by it (ie. Streets of America--> Galaxy's Edge, etc.)
  15. Christian Fronckowiak

    Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23

    My guess would be Future World or DL Fantasyland concept art, a new DVC, or something with Disneyland Paris. Did TWDC own DLP before the last D23?
  16. Christian Fronckowiak

    Beauty and the Beast dark ride

    Hey! Disneyland does not have an Aladdin spinner!
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