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    $49 per nite (Sept-Dec)

    This is news to me, I was getting ready to make reservations and sure would love to get those rates. E-mail lee.benton@walterhopkins.com
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    Pleasure Island

    Does anyone know what is going on at PI Memorial Day night? Whats the hours?
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    Where can I find some RPO merchandise in WDW. My little girl is wanting some pajamas with RPO
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    Favorite Ice Cream In Disney

    Beaches & Cream is the best.:p Will be there in a little over 5 weeks:sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: can't wait.
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    Build A Bear

    I was in BAB in Myrtle Beach and they had several different Disney costumes.:sohappy: :sohappy:
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    33 hours in Orlando!

    I tried this about a year ago and did pretty much the major attractions @ MK,Epcot &MGM. I left AK alone. Started @ MGM with the two major attractions first thing & knocked them both out in about 20 minutes, the rest was smooth sailing. Save MK for the end. The crowds should not be that bad when...
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    How Do You Like the 50's Prime Time Cafe @ MGM?

    Excellent all the way around:p :sohappy:
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    Photos from my trip over the past week

    Great Pictures. :sohappy:
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    Stich Opening????

    I sure do hope so I will be there May 29-June 4
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    Caribbean Beach Prices

    Room only.
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    Caribbean Beach Prices

    Got a price quote from AAA for $94 May 31-June 3 for Caribbean Beach. Is this a gooe price? If not where should I look for discounts ?:veryconfu
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    Honest Resort Feedback

    Stay onsite. When I stayed offsite I felt like I was missing out when I was at my offsit villa. It's well worth it and less headache.:sohappy: :wave:
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    Resort HELP

    Which Resort is the Best to stay at, and why? Caribbean Beach Coronado Springs or Port Orleans(Riverside, French Quarter):veryconfu
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    What is the best dessert in "the World"?

    Basically anything from Beaches & Cream @ the Beach Club Resort:sohappy: :sohappy:
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    Space Mountain question

    Both sides seemed the same to me
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    longest trip in WDW

    WOW some one must be loaded with money to stay 2 months. My longest stay is 11 days
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    Trivia Contest Question

    I was browsing Deb's official website wdwig.com and saw they are having a trivia contest. I missed the first three questions you have to answer. They were posted July1-7 and i've been out of town and missed them. If someone could let me know the questions not the answers I would appreciate it...
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    Animal Kingdom Question

    Does anyone know the name of the roving talking tree seen at the AK?:confused: :hammer:
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    Your Favorite Table Service Restaurant?

    50's Prime Time Cafe:sohappy: :)
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    Discount Tickets?

    I usually buy my tickets from www.disney-ticketshop.com I have had no problems from this place. It saved me about $60 on 2- 7 day Park Hopper Plus and 2 Disney Quest tickets:sohappy:
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