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  1. pkkurz

    Pre-Trip The Story Comes ALIVE!

    I’m here too. Hope to see you in the parks this week.
  2. pkkurz

    Magic Kingdom Parking Lot Exit from Zrug/Handicap Lot

    Can someone explain the design of the exit? It makes no sense to me as to why the exiting traffic has to cross the incoming lanes as you are leaving that lot. I know there is typically a CM there to direct traffic, but most of incoming drivers ignore their directions.
  3. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    Just an FYI, Buc-ees has plastic utensils for the asking at the checkout counter. We tend to get the meat and cheese cups for the “keep on driving“ meals. Also, the made to order chicken wraps are pretty manageable and tasty too.
  4. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    Look what I just saw posted on a Facebook pass holder page. My OCD self is much relieved. yes, his “bite” would be close to a third of it.
  5. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    I doubt it. I didn’t actually taste it. She covered it in ketchup right after I took the picture. She typically likes a little hot dog with her ketchup. 🤣
  6. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    All but the “bite“ her brother talked her out of.
  7. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    Our granddaughter was blown away by her hot dog on our last visit.
  8. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    Watching, keeping an eye for Country Bear love.
  9. pkkurz

    Retiring and dealing with your Disney addiction

    We have been AP for several years and made at least 2 trips a year to WDW. I retired in 2015 and in the following 18 months spent 32 nights on property. Decided that our money could be better utilized and bought a condo 2 miles from the entrance to AK. It is in a short term rental community and...
  10. pkkurz

    Trip Report Loco_Driving through the night - Live!

    Yours turned out much better than ours!!
  11. pkkurz

    Trip Report One Little Spark *COMPLETED*

    Have a Happy Birthday
  12. pkkurz

    Trip Report 9000 sans adult supervision, solo at WDW!

    What an epilogue!! Thanks.
  13. pkkurz

    Completely themed rentals

    Check out rebelbase203.com for a totally Star Wars experience.
  14. pkkurz

    Favorite brunch on or off property???

    We love Hash House a GoGo.
  15. pkkurz

    Trip Report Disneyland Drive-By (it's a long story)

    Ahh, the best laid plans. can wait to hear about the adventure.
  16. pkkurz

    Trip Report Sixth Sense - " I see a LOT of people" - a Max Trip Report - COMPLETED

    I live in Louisville, Buffalo Trace is a unique place, glad you got to visit. Shane it was so rushed, but at least you got a “taste”. Are there distilleries in Canada?
  17. pkkurz

    Trip Report Disney Holidays '22!

    Do you know that you can order more than one entree at Topo? They are very accommodating and will bring you whatever you want. We usually order the fruit plate for the table to share.
  18. pkkurz

    Trip Report Everything Is Just So Peachy Keen! *COMPLETED*

    I have the same eye issues. My grandson on the other hand wants to cover his ears and hold on at the same time. My daughter and son-in-law looks like they are at the dentist. 😳
  19. pkkurz

    Trip Report Broken lifts, EMTs, and spitters (oh my!): WDW with a wheelchair and DAS

    There are 2 handicapped viewing areas in Epcot, one between Port of Entry and Disney Traders. The other is close to the Rose & Crown. The typically open one hour before the scheduled start time for the show.
  20. pkkurz

    Trip Report Mid October Trip, Tuesday - Sunday at Boardwalk

    Thanks for sharing. Your observations are spot on.
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