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  1. MomofKatie

    Never Been There

    Never seen B&B or Disney Jr shows at DHS- none of us was interested. Never seen the Indy stunt show from the beginning- we always seem to come in about 5-10 minutes after they start. Haven't done anything new that has opened up since Nov 2013- that was our last trip. Hopefully, we will get in...
  2. MomofKatie

    Confess your Disney Sins!!!!

    I basically forced my then 8 year old DD on ToT even though I knew she probably wouldn't like it because we were on a mom/daughter trip and I really wanted to ride it. I felt bad afterwards. I told the CMs at 2 different buffets that DD was 9 when she had turned 10 a few months before. She...
  3. MomofKatie

    Scariest moment at the park?

    I rode Haunted Mansion for the first time when I was 7 and I remember hating it! The worst was the stretching room. I literally climbed up my dad's legs because I freaked out so much. I just wanted my dad to hold me and make it all go away... As a parent, the scariest thing was seeing how...
  4. MomofKatie

    Mickey's Halloween and Christmas parties?

    The fireworks and parade are different than the "normal" ones during the party, so you will see 2 different fireworks shows, and 2 different evening parades. The special MNSSHP ones are really great!! Fireworks show is called Hallo-Wishes and is narrated by the Ghost Host from the Haunted...
  5. MomofKatie

    Do you have an unpopular favorite??

    I second loving Small World!! It is probably my all-time #1 favorite attraction. I also really like the Tiki Room, Journey into Your Imagination, Gran Fiesta, and Primeval Whirl (all of Dinoland, really- I think the theming is wonderful).
  6. MomofKatie

    Ever buy Something at home just because it reminds you of WDW?

    I like to get shower gels that have different "Disney" smells. The Orange Sapphire scent at Bath & Body Works smells like the orange groves in Soarin'. And Old Spice makes a mens' body wash called Komodo that smells like the giftshop in Norway.
  7. MomofKatie

    September 2013 roll call!

    DH and I will be at POFQ from 9/17- 9/20 with Free Dining. Celebrating our 22nd anniversary!!
  8. MomofKatie

    What Disney things used to scare you when you were a kid?

    I only visited Disney parks twice as a child, so I don't remember too many things that were scary. Disneyland, age 5: -Scared of the Matterhorn. I was too small to ride, but my older brother went on it, and I worried he would fall out. -Screamed and cried on PotC. Thought the ship was...
  9. MomofKatie

    Cheap one day pass?

    Sit through a looong, high-pressure sales pitch for one of the many timeshare companies out there. A lot of them offer free (or greatly discounted) one day tickets. Be prepared to waste at least a half day and deal with extremely obnoxious salespeople to get your bargain tickets. And you...
  10. MomofKatie

    This might be a weird question...

    We have done almost all levels of Disney vacationing (as much as we can afford)- budget offsite motel, non-hopper tickets and offsite fast food meals all the way up to onsite Moderate resort, hoppers with waterparks add on, and Dining plan. We have enjoyed every one of our vacations for...
  11. MomofKatie

    If you went to Disney World in Oct/Nov....

    We went from 10/27- 11/4 a few years ago. Halloween/Fall decorations were up when we arrived, and by the time we left, they were all down and I'd say at least half of the Christmas stuff was already up. Epcot and DHS had their big trees up by then, and the MK had a lot of their Main Street...
  12. MomofKatie

    Have you ever taken your kids out of school to go to WDW?

    We took DD out for a week at a time every year of elementary school for our Disney trips. She never had any problems making up work and her principal and teachers were fine with her mssing days. When she got to middle school, we decided to see how her first year went before we planned another...
  13. MomofKatie

    Tiki Room .... sad

    Actually, the 2 shows are in one building! Tiki Room is housed in the "front" and Country Bears in the "back". Yes, they are in 2 different lands, but they are in the same building. (even though it doesn't seem like it to parkgoers- it's not like they can go from one to the other by going...
  14. MomofKatie

    New Dumbo logging some big wait times

    We were at HS ready to use our FPs for TSM- the standby wait time was listed as 50 mins. We practically walked right on using our FPs, and when we exited the attraction, the CM at the entrance beckoned us over and told us we should ride again standby because there was "no wait". We did, and...
  15. MomofKatie

    How Many Days for You... (Part 7)

  16. MomofKatie

    Your First Memory As A Child....

    My first Disney memories were from DL. I was 5, and my cousin was 3. We went on PotC and screamed through the entire ride. First because of the skeletons and "dead men tell no tales" then because we thought the cannonballs were going to hit our boat. I also loved IASW, rode the carousel a...
  17. MomofKatie

    Modern Family - Disneyland

    Gloria definitely has on the wrong shoes for Disney touring. Jay should buy her some Crocs... :lol:
  18. MomofKatie

    when was your 1st disney visit?

    MY first Disney trip was when I was 5. We went to DL in 1971 when we were in CA visiting my aunt and uncle. My favorites then were IASW, the Carousel, and the ride that took us by the mini sized village. My first WDW experience was in summer 1973. We stopped for 2 days on our way to Miami...
  19. MomofKatie

    Biggest ripoff at WDW?

    Things I won't buy at WDW (or most other places) because I don't think they are worth the markup: 1- bottled water. We bring in a bottle each and get FREE cups of ice water at the CS places. Or- gasp- use the water fountains. I don't think the FL water tastes bad. 2- light up...
  20. MomofKatie

    Longest Disny drought

    First Disney trip was DL in CA in 1971- 2 years later, visited WDW with family at age 7. 11 years went by until HS graduation trip in '84. Skipped 9 more years until DH took me for a day trip to MK for my 27th birthday. 4 years later, went for 2 days, and 4 years after that, went with 3 year...
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