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  1. ddbowdoin

    With all the recent changes, have they impacted you wanting to go to Disney any time soon?

    My wife (then GF) and I took our deep dive into Disney at what we felt were the right time. Our experience in 2007-2013(ish) was built on childhood experiences that we individually loved but when we met each other combined into a super passion. In those years we were 3-4 a times a year which...
  2. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    4x5 Film - made with a US aerial spy plane lens from 1943
  3. ddbowdoin

    Snow White's Scary Adventures Park Comparison

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbr.com/disney-snow-white-ride-criticized-non-consensual-kiss/amp/ Must be weird living life looking for things to be offended by.
  4. ddbowdoin

    Snow White's Scary Adventures Park Comparison

    I keep reading the woke mob is ed about the “non consensual” kiss at the end. I feel like life in the last 5-7 years has been a giant Ashton Kutcher episode.
  5. ddbowdoin

    low light at WDW both photos and videos

    Disney security might wonder what this is.
  6. ddbowdoin

    Official Moving to Orlando Thread... aka, ASK THE LOCALS!

    Are there any high end private schools in the Orlando area?
  7. ddbowdoin

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    This is such an interesting case. Over the summer it had my wife and I up every night for a week watching all the videos on YT related to the case. Amazing.
  8. ddbowdoin

    I’ve had enough of snow (and high taxes)...

    I miss the seasons until it’s 445 AM and I’m snow blowing in 12 degree weather with a windchill of -5.
  9. ddbowdoin

    I’ve had enough of snow (and high taxes)...

    I’ve seen what NH has become as a result of the exodus from MA.
  10. ddbowdoin

    I’ve had enough of snow (and high taxes)...

    My wife and I (or at least me) have simply had enough. We live in the Boston area and after COVID and a long winter , I think I’ve hit my breaking point. We have a young family with a 15 month old and are both teachers. I’m almost certain my wife would find work in FL fairly easily but it...
  11. ddbowdoin

    Jungle Cruise next?

    Yeah... been there, people poop on sidewalks in pure daylight. Odd city.
  12. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    8 years later, this thread is still going! I’m sorry I’ve been a ghost for huge chunks of time. I appreciate everyone for posting and sharing their work. -Dan
  13. ddbowdoin

    Frozen vs. Maelstrom

    Voting Maelstrom... I mean, that mural alone!
  14. ddbowdoin

    Should WDW open?

    We only hear about confirmed cases... because that means what, 99.3% of those people will survive. Let people make their own decisions, you don’t feel safe going... then don’t go.
  15. ddbowdoin

    Swearing in the parks, have you experienced this?

    For me it’s a combination of the swearing and the overall volume of most families. My wife and I swear like sailors but we are oddly quiet with each other. Even at dinner, it’s like we are in a library.
  16. ddbowdoin

    Jungle Cruise next?

    That’s green and red with frosted trees and a fat man in a red suit... BUT, it’s a holiday.
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