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  1. mastif

    People of the Parks website

    haha. seems this website isn't available anymore:cry:
  2. mastif

    should there be a waiting period for wheelchairs

    what about this. One time we waited in line for a bus for 15 minutes in the rain. The bus pulls in, but is to far away from the curb. He wasn't able to lower the ramp onto the side walk, therefore the wheelchair bound person wasn't able to get on. Instead of letting everyone on, the bus...
  3. mastif

    Millions Saved Thru Costuming Changes

    Costuming used to have 2-4 people scanning out the CM's costumes. They've now sewn a micro chip to all their costumes, so they can all be checked out at once, and not have to be scanned individually. Not only that, but they have self check out ( kinda like at walmart) and no "cashiers"...
  4. mastif

    Captain EO Update

    6/20/10: The carpet that inside the theater and que is being replaced and is currently all ripped out. that is all.
  5. mastif

    Casual Look for CMs???

    Most likely it was the nextel phone with the GSM speaker off, meaning she was using it like a telephone. When you in a loud area, its impossible to understand anything when the loud speaker is on, especially if english is not the first language. and I agree with raven about the CP/FT CM...
  6. mastif

    Casual Look for CMs???

    The rule about cell phones was actually just re-worded. We are now ALLOWED to have the phones on our person while onstage, but they have to be on silent/vibrate, Tho we are still not allowed to check them until backstage. About the managers. I know they are messaging with other managers and...
  7. mastif

    TTA Audio Alterations

    I was on the TTA a few days ago, and when ii heard about the new audio clip last night, I decided to go to MK just to ride it. I can say that the "paging Mr. Morrow" has been included, tho I think it's different than from what used to play. If my memory is correct, the audio clip used to come...
  8. mastif

    just back, etiquette questions

    ettiquite at wdw? i don't think there is any.
  9. mastif

    "Seatbelt Fail"

    I believed all of that until i read the last sentence. "uhh 911? a guest just rode tot with no seatbelt, can you send the police" lol "no we never checked his seatbelt..." Some one would lose their job.
  10. mastif

    If given the choice of one spot at the World, where would it be and why???

    I'd also say the TTA! that or splash mountain...or sitting on the beach at the poly.
  11. mastif

    Anyone Have Pics of HISTA Closed?

    funny how everyone bashes an attraction while it's open, and as soon as the doors close it becomes some kind of praised wonder ride. People on here are too emotional.
  12. mastif

    You better travel to WDW now, 2011 going to get more expensive.

    Great, maybe now there will be a "off season" an "ween" out the people that don't belong....well, i guess everyone belongs, but learn some manners before coming...
  13. mastif

    Disney on tv

    not sure if it's something new to tv or just DVD, but netflix has 2 DVD's coming out on May 18th regarding Disney World that was made in 2010...
  14. mastif

    SSE Irons Version Soundtrack?

    The OP only asked where he could get a MP3 of the Irons narration from, Not which version of SSE was the greatest..
  15. mastif

    How did Universe of Energy survive but not Horizons and WOM?

    personally i wouldn't care UoE closed tomorrow. That ride is so lame/outdated/boring/long. it's a complete joke just like imagination.
  16. mastif

    Car runs red light and hits Disney bus. 5/10/10

    I think the folks that are in the LMA shows should train the bus drivers to drive the buses the way they drive the stunt cars
  17. mastif

    New Living Character Meet and Greets being tested at DL

    How long will it be before the usual members on this message board start to criticize and bash the talking mickey? My guess is soon.
  18. mastif

    what's wrong with Epcot

    true but who wants to go to epcot to see the end of a ride updated when universal keeps building roller coasters?
  19. mastif

    Imagineers at future MI coaster building.

    I could be wrong, but I think the sorcerer mickey name tags are just old name tags and don't have to do with being a imagineer.
  20. mastif

    Hidden Mickey Photos

    I don't see it either...
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