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  1. JWG

    The math has to be wrong

    OP: We are owners but recently rented points for Aulani (not our home resort) for a special two family trip in a Grand Villa. We'll be there 8 nights. The cash rate is $8,000 more than what we paid to rent points (38% savings of the lowest available cash rate). And, that's before parking and...
  2. JWG

    What's your longest stay at WDW resorts?

    11-12, I can’t remember for sure.
  3. JWG

    Upcoming Changes to Test Track?

    The create your own vehicle component is so important that when there's no line (I know rare), I've completely skipped that portion of the queue (i.e. just walked straight through the room), to keep moving toward the ride. It's great for breaking up the wait and making the line seem shorter...
  4. JWG

    No more loose ice starting May 1

    Seriously, pack a ziploc bag. And dump the ice out of the bag into your cooler if you want once you're in the park. This is such a non-event. You can bring all the loose ice in you want as long as it's in a sealable bag unitl you're in the park. If you don't want to pay for the ziploc, then...
  5. JWG

    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    You don't like "sun fade purple that's now sort of gray-blue"?
  6. JWG

    No more loose ice starting May 1

    I'm amused by all of this only because we couldn't wait to NOT have to carry all of this stuff around when we had our daughter. The stroller, the cooler with baby food / milk, snacks, etc. We were estatic when we were forever able to bypass bag check. Even my wife avoids a purse during Disney...
  7. JWG

    No more loose ice starting May 1

    Yes, just use zip lock bags in general. You just can't poor loose ice in a cooler, but you can bag it in a sealable bag. Part of this, from a security standpoint, is not having to have the security guards put their hands in cold loose ice or avoide checking under said ice I'm sure.
  8. JWG

    News Flights of Wonder closing and replaced by 'UP! A Great Bird Adventure'

    I didn't like the show. Didn't feel like the Up characters added and more so disrupted the continuity of the show with their forced participation. It turned what seemed like a 10 minute bird show into a 30 minute ordeal. We saw it opening week, so I'm sure adjustments will be made, but it...
  9. JWG

    Rumor Inside Out to Replace Journey into Imagination with Figment?

    Imagination looked a little rough last week when we rode as well. The Sight lab had no sound as the main detraction. The smell lab seemed negligible compared to normal.
  10. JWG

    Updates to the Seas Pavilion

    All to frequent of a theme that grand plans get thwarted and delayed... Funny how "temporary" at Disney has a 5-10 year shelf life.
  11. JWG

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    Not a fan, but it is what it is.
  12. JWG


    When was the last time they were concerned with theming?
  13. JWG

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Well, two attractions with Mission Space. But point taken.
  14. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    MCO is closing on Saturday, not Friday.
  15. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    I can't read... you're totally right. My bad...
  16. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    It was not meant to be serious, I'm sorry it offended you. In my work role I am currently working with many who are impacted in Houston, Puerto Rico, and am planning to determine how we'll manage our employees based in Florida. So, I'm very actively engaged in planning around supporting. I...
  17. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    Sounds like invigorating weather for a ride on any of the following: Splash Mountain Big Thunder Mountain Dumbo Pontoon rentals
  18. JWG

    Disney's Blizzard Beach waterpark closed Friday and Saturday due to forecasted weather

    Well sure, Typhoon Lagoon is built to handle a Typhoon, and therefore by design a hurricane... ;) Maybe by closing one, they're able to get it prepped for a potential event while not completely disturbing current guests. And, will then close Typhoon Lagoon later knowing they have the Blizzard...
  19. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    Any of those individuals should call the airline(s) directly. Many have either added flights or upsized the aircraft on existing. They can only do so much as well. It's not like there's a warehouse of 100 extra planes sitting around waiting to go into service. I don't work for nor am I...
  20. JWG

    Hurricane Irma

    Florida has state specific price gouging laws, the airlines are not subject to them because they are federally regulated. That said, most airlines have either rectified the problem or suggested people call the reservation center direct to ensure good service to support needs out of Florida.
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