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  1. Azerin

    New look Marie now appearing at MK

    Yeah, pretty sure they have only ever been seen in Paris and Tokyo. They were in a DDE event but in Paris not WDW (http://www.charactercentral.net/L1262_DisneyCharacters_DisneylandParis_ParcDisneyland_Ler%C3%AAvedunMatindeMarieMariesMorningDream.aspx) but had appeared on several occasions in...
  2. Azerin

    New look Marie now appearing at MK

    She had her make over so that she would match her two brothers Berlioz and Toulouse both of whom made their debut at Disneyland Paris last Valentines Day along with the new look Marie as part of a "Be My Valentine" event. They also all appear in the Happiness is Here parade which debuted in...
  3. Azerin

    Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to Magic Kingdom in 2014

    Cant say that is surprising... and honestly probably the smarter choice... even though I would much rather see Prince Adam* I am sure there are a lot of WDW guests that instantly recognize the Beast but wouldn't recognize his prince form and would prefer the Beast :\ *I know that isn't his...
  4. Azerin

    Removal of Main Street Christmas Wreaths Due to New Parade

    I had the same thought LOL. I like the look of the garlands going across main street and will be sad to see them go if they don't do something similar... but I know they could come up with something great instead if they really wanted to and hopefully they do instead of going the Lights of...
  5. Azerin

    New look Marie now appearing at MK

    Glad they *finally* got her new look in WDW! It is sooo much better than the old... just wonder why it took almost a year?! When WDW debuts a new look character all the other resorts have to fall in line very quickly or they will have restrictions on the use of that character.
  6. Azerin

    Phantom Manor merchandise in Paris...........

    Yes, sadly attraction specific merchandise at DLP is lacking. There are things off and on but sadly the most likely things that you would find for PM would be a pin and a post card... anything other than that... doubtful :\
  7. Azerin

    DLP Questions

    A first trip to DLP is very exciting!! Late May will hopefully be a good time weather wise to visit. Just to confirm that if needed all the hotels have a place you can leave luggage if you have to before/after you have the room... I don't recall ever being charged a fee for doing so but I...
  8. Azerin

    Rarest Characters To Find

    Most of them are kept backstage. Some are shipped to other resorts either temporarily or permanently. There is a large catalog of characters that can appear for special events so obviously all those are still around even if they are never seen :) If you want to see lots more character pictures...
  9. Azerin

    Long Lost Friends Week January 20-26

    Hopefully they will get the hint :P It took awhile for Disneyland to really get the hint that rarer characters are popular but I think they *mostly* finally did as they have had a lot more special events with either rarer characters or characters in special outfits the last year or two (and I...
  10. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris v. WDW

    Thanks! Have lots of snow covered DLP pics from that trip... was very pretty but cold LOL
  11. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris v. WDW

    Yes, great pictures!! and congrats on being on the Parks Blog! I think that one was probably taken from the Founders Club... here is one I took from there: DLP Dec 2010 - Eating Breakfast at the Founder's Club by PeterPanFan, on Flickr
  12. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris v. WDW

    I basically agree with the statement and especially once Ratatouille opens (assuming it is at least half as good as it is being hyped as being) will prefer attractions at DSP... the only big thing that DHS has over DSP (attraction wise at least) for me is Fantasmic! and that isn't what it used...
  13. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris v. WDW

    Yeah, I have been here a long time but don't post that often never seem to have time :\ (and thank you for the kind words :D ) Glad that you got to see Animagique and liked it... I too have taken pictures of it :P I understand the reason for the rule; however, if you can take pictures without...
  14. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris v. WDW

    Glad to hear a bit more about your trip :) Just a few thoughts/comments: 1) First sorry to hear your food was awful at Walts and Blue Lagoon... when we have eaten there the food wasn't amazing but it was good; however, maybe we have been lucky as we don't eat at the table service restaurants...
  15. Azerin

    Disneyland Paris... Only in Europe!

    While they got the basic fact of the entertainment cast members "striking" they certainly didn't get all the details/full story. They also falsely implied that these same cast members went on strike a couple months ago about pay/benefits. While I agree that it really sucks for the people...
  16. Azerin

    New Magic Kingdom Parade in the Works for 2013?

    I am definitely in the "I will believe it when I see it" camp at this point about new MK parades :\
  17. Azerin

    MVMCP 2011 Character List

    Ermm... did they axe Santa? :P or was he just left off this list hehe
  18. Azerin

    Mad Tea Party to be involved?

    First... Paris does have the Teapot too: it is in the little seating area for March Hare refreshments which is next to the Teacups: I *really* hope the WDW teacups get an improved roof... the current "new" one looks like crap :\ It looks so bad it *has* to be temporary :P at least...
  19. Azerin

    Can anyone confirm MNSSHP character info?

    Very glad they are making some character changes... would love to see them make more... but at least there are some :) I also have heard from a reliable source that there will be some changes to the parade... not sure of all the details but do know a character who hasn't been in it the last...
  20. Azerin

    Villain meet and greets

    Yeah, the only time/place you can find them regularly at WDW is at MNSSHP :( WDW definitely has a lack of Villains other than at MNSSHP :/
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