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    News Disney World Cast Member unions to begin week of negotiations for wage increases, healthcare costs and more

    Low morale? Sounds like these rude employees need to find another place to work. They are working at Disney because they do not have the skills for better jobs. Under Chapek they were catered to although they do not provide the revenue like the guests do. If you can't handle a service job, can't...
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    Walt Disney World Vacation Affordability Survey

    I would add yes/no answer to 'Are you a Florida resident'? Important because you are then able to visit for special events.
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    Can I Come Back to the Parks?

    It was under Iger that the march to 'woke' started. Out of the frying pan into the fire!
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    TopoLino’s Breakfast

    Went with my grandsons and we got refills on the pastry platter - specific to requests. The kids also got refills on the breakfast platter. You will not go hungry.
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    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    It is the new Disney 'wokeness'. No longer are there boys and girls, men and women - just friends.
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    Is Disney minus magic still Disney?

    We first went to Disney in 1986. My son would save all year to have money for souvenirs. We were DVC, Annual Passholders and Florida residents and went a couple of times a year. When we had grandkids we took them to see the 'magic'. However it has been several years since there was 'magic'. The...
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    No skyliner at AoA

    Just an FYI. If there is any sign of a thunderstorm the sky liner does not run. After the all clear they have to run a whole loop which takes approx 1 hour. it rains a lot in Florida and we have storms all the time. We had to return to our hotel by bus on such an occasion and the wait was long...
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    Is the integration of digital technology within Walt Disney World impacting the experience of those with limited digital capabilities?

    Also if you are in certain rooms in the resorts the internet connection is extremely bad. Have spent many an early morning on the balcony trying to get a solid connection. Disney should invest in a better wifi for the property.
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    Priciest Place on Earth

    We were Annual Pass holders, DVC members and visited at least once or twice a year for 35 years until Disney took the opportunity provided by Covid to greatly reduce the value and increase the prices - charging for things that were at one time free perks for Passholders and DVC members. When you...
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    How to use old magic bands

    If the battery is still good they will just work. Disney gives the life of the battery as approx 2 years.
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    Florida Legislators Want To Remove The Reedy Creek Improvement District

    Are you for or against the school having that talk with your five year old? Do you want to decide when to have it or the Government decide?
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    Florida Legislators Want To Remove The Reedy Creek Improvement District

    The property taxes that they pay now go to Reedy Creek. In the future they will go to Orange county so there is no change,
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    Excellent. Teachers should stick to teaching academics until American kids have reached a much higher standard in education than we have now.
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    Why do you think 5 year olds need to learn about transgender, LGBQ and other sex related issues?
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    So right. Disney should have no comment whatsoever. To come down on one side or the other is to offend and the side they decided to come down on has resulted in offending many.
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    I think since remote learning that parents now actually DO have an idea of what is being taught and they don't like it. School used to be a place where children went to learn to read, write and do math - not a place where social engineering theories were imposed on children. America ranks so low...
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    BC and Poly Toiletries

    The pumps dispense such a tiny amount of product we can't use them and always bring our own.
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    How about in grade k-3 this is not mentioned at all. Kids accept other kids and at that young age they are and should be asexual. Teachers need to leave kids alone. The low standard of education in America is more than reason for them to spend their time on academic subjects rather than make...
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    Bob Chapek's response to Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' bill

    Then there should be no objection to the bill. I for one do not think children of eight or under should be taught about sex in schools. The bill is intended to prevent this. If it pre-empts schools adding it to the curriculum then that is the intention. It is not an anti gay bill. Perhaps the...
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