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  1. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Food and Rain Festival, Polynesian, 5th Anniversary!

    I LOVE all your ears and tee shirts!! SO cute, and the dress you wore to Victoria & Albert's is SO beautiful! Love the report.
  2. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report 28 Going on 8...A Birthday Trip!

    Your pictures are amazing! You are so talented. Looked like tons of fun!
  3. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report The Empty Nest, Flower and Garden, Club Villain, Too much Food Report! 5/9-5/15 *complete*

    I hope they bring Club Villain back, sounded like a huge hit! Glad you enjoyed it!
  4. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    This was fantastic!! Thanks for sharing, it made me think of my first trip!!
  5. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Villas @ The Grand Floridian(DVC)

    Love your pictures!!!!
  6. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report The Solo, Not Solo, Back to Solo, Glass Slipper Challenge Weekend

    Fantastic report!! I'm so happy for you and that you accomplished a goal! Cannot wait to read the rest :)
  7. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report * Completed* For the First Time In Forever We'll Have Magic, We'll Have Fun

    Loving your TR!!! I cannot wait to read more about your adventures!
  8. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report A Glass SNEAKER Challenge Report... Completed!

    Loving this report, I dream of running this race!
  9. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Up Where They Walk, Up Where They Run 19.3 Miles!

    I loved your TR!! My dream is to run the Princess races, and I love to live through others who run the races!
  10. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Two Weeks at Disney with a 3.5 yo, 1.5 yo and one in the cooker!

    The kiddies are so cute!!! I love the TR!
  11. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Mele Kalikimaka WDW Adventure 2015-COMPLETED

    These are amazing pictures!!! You have such talent!
  12. farrellbarrel

    Pre-Trip The Dole Whip Extravaganza

    I love the Thank You's!! How amazing!
  13. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report It's an Armadillo, Not a Bird Trip Report

    I love the custom ears!!!
  14. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report Quick and (hopefully) Painless Princess Half Visit

    Yayy running Princess! It is my dream to run and I love living the dream each year through TRs! Cant wait for more!!
  15. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report A Not So Scary Very Merry Wine and Dine Dashing TR *updated 12/15

    I love your pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!
  16. farrellbarrel

    Trip Report *completed* The Force will be with us.......always

    I love RunDisney and cannot wait to hear about your experiences!!!
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