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  1. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    See, I can't keep up with all this "they can't do this, but those folks can only do that" agreements and contracts. I just assume since Namor is "owned" by Universal, the park can do what they want. Shows you what I know! And the using of the Black Panther character but not Wakanda-makes my...
  2. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    That's what they've done with Spiderman. And Universal "owns" Namor so they can do a solo film but keep Namor with other MCU films at Disney. Speaking of which, I wonder if Universal Studios can do a Namor/Talocan themed area? They have their new section coming. For that matter, they can do a...
  3. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    I'm going to guess that in BP3, I would also not be surprised if the main villain will be either or . It's easy to say it would be Doom, but I think they are reserving him for F4 and Avengers 6. Namor, meanwhile, will be on the outside looking in and MAY actually help Wakanda, but will be...
  4. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    It's top 5 for me: 1. Black Panther 2. Iron Man 1 3. Endgame 4. Infinity War 5. Wakanda Forever 6. Guardians of the Galaxy 7. Avengers 8. Shang Chi 9. No Way Home 10. Civil War
  5. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Looks absolutely fantastic and stunning on my end! Wished to see more extras and deleted scenes though.
  6. J

    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Not that it matters, but who said anything about Asha being a lesbian? How/why/when/where did that even come up?
  7. J

    Wish (Walt Disney Animation - November 2023)

    Then why comment on it. You can have any opinion, but in all honesty, nobody asked.
  8. J

    Star Wars: Skeleton Crew (2023 Disney+ Series)

    Cool! So this show (whatever it is about) should perhaps be out by the end of the year!?! There's been absolutely no casting announcements for this show other than Law.
  9. J

    Avatar (the movie) and its Sequels

    Zoe needs to be cast in Star Wars. Instant gold! She's in everything else!
  10. J

    General Disney Movies/Studios News

    I predict a MASSSIVE Untitled cinematic multi-universe coming. Seems to be the biggest franchise in movie history!!! Can't wait for the Untitled Disney plus series, the Untitled section of Disney world, Untitled video game, etc. I also heard rumors that the main protagonist of the series is...
  11. J

    Is the Wizarding World coming to an end?

    Cursed Child is NOT the way to do with this. Make a movie based on the new game (Hogwarts Legacy) or have a whole new story with the main 3 actors. But not Cursed Child. There will always be love for HP. Even with the JK Rowling controversy and even with the Fantastic Beasts movies. We are...
  12. J

    Adam Driver Front Runner for Fantastic Four Role

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/fantastic-four-adam-driver-reportedly-210000220.html Seems more like the Dr. Doom type, but this could be interesting nonetheless.
  13. J

    Avatar (the movie) and its Sequels

    Was finally going to see it this weekend but fever, sore throat, and a mother-in-law in the hospital dictate different plans. Hopefully, it will keep its 3D IMAX screens for a couple of more weeks at least.
  14. J

    Titanic Re-Release Feb 10, 2023

    Nevermind-Paramount owns distribution rights in the USA
  15. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Dude, what is your problem? That's just blatantly racist.
  16. J

    Avatar (the movie) and its Sequels

    So if he's tired of sitting on his @$$, then what would he do in a a theater? Stand up and jump around during the movie?
  17. J

    Survivor 43 Discussion Thread

    Worked perfectly! Thanks! Lots of fun.
  18. J


    We've liked this show more and more with each episode. I will come right out and say it is miles better than Rings of Power. Yes, we noticed the moment Elora's hair started turning red. There will be more seasons. Val Kilmer was going to show up in this season but couldn't due to Covid and...
  19. J

    A bit late with this thought but it is a real puzzler . . .

    No, no, no, what does LOTR have to do with any of those other "things"?
  20. J

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    It's part of the bigger cultural impact of Black Panther/Wakanda in general. Each movie doesn't have to have its own cultural impact (although with the introduction of Talocan, you can say that the culture impact has stretched into South America). Star Wars, Harry Potter, and LOTR had obvious...
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