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  1. DougK

    What is up at Epcot?

    Yes but at least they have kept the admission prices low. (sarcasm)
  2. DougK

    Disney in May?

    Isn't April-May love bug season in Florida? When in May do the love bugs normally disappear?
  3. DougK

    Park Reservation question

    Since park hopping has been reinstated and can be done after 2 PM I am curious about a couple of things. 1) can you park hop to more than one park after 2pm? Let's say we start at MK with a reservation in the morning and then at 2 pm we hop to EPCOT, no reservation needed. Can we then go to HS...
  4. DougK

    News The Electrical Water Pageant to resume performances at Walt Disney World

    It IS outdated. It IS cheesy. Also, it is fantastic! It is something that just says "Disney" when I experience it!
  5. DougK

    Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom Walkway

    Any news on when the walkway will be open to guests?
  6. DougK

    Grand Floridian to Magic Kingdom Walkway

    Anything new on this project?
  7. DougK

    News WDW Food and Beverage Price Increases 10/1/2019

    To all of you who are saying you saved so much money due to "free" dining please make sure to remember when you do the math to factor in the fact that you are paying rack rate for your hotel room in order to get that "free" dining plan. During much of the year Disney offers 15%-35% off of the...
  8. DougK

    Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23

    Disney is going to announce that like Universal they will now count their water parks as Theme Parks. Which will mean there will now be a total of 6 Disney Theme Parks at WDW which is 50% more than the current 4 Theme Parks. Therefore all tickets, passes, parties, snacks, hotel rooms, parking...
  9. DougK

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I love all of the analyzing everyone is doing but I think the answer is simple. Disney keeps raising prices because they want to make as much money as possible.
  10. DougK

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I wish they would offer the EPCOT After 4 pass to DVC members (regardless of where the member lives)!
  11. DougK

    Best place to get a steak.

    Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa.
  12. DougK

    Question about parking at Grand Californian

    I know that valet parking is free for handicapped people at Walt Disney World resorts but I have not been able to find if that also hold true for Grand Californian. We will be staying on DVC points. Thanks.
  13. DougK

    Grand Floridian lighting

    But it sure does not cheapen the room rates. They go up constantly whether the lighting works or not!
  14. DougK

    Thoughts - Just Returned

    POP is not exactly cheap you know. The "value resorts" are only cheap when compared to other Disney resorts. There should be excellent bus service at all Disney resorts.
  15. DougK

    News Disney to launch new Vacation Planning site to help guests with date-based tickets

    I guess "just going there and having fun" did not poll well in their surveys.
  16. DougK

    News Disney to launch new Vacation Planning site to help guests with date-based tickets

    No matter how complicated Disney makes this you hit on the one thing that is simple to understand. The prices always go UP at Disney.
  17. DougK

    POFQ riverview vs standard

    I never understood why view is important at a motel-style resort with outside hallways. It would be different if the rooms had inside halls and therefore they had balconies for you to sit out on, then view is a big factor. But for a room at Port Orleans the first thing you see when looking out...
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