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  1. yensid67

    Trip Insurance Help Needed

    🙏's for FIL
  2. yensid67

    KTTW card

    KTTW? Key to the World? What is it, how do I get it Price?
  3. yensid67

    How do you plan?

    Planning a Disney vacation USE TO BE FUN! But things have changed since COVID hit. Now you have to make sure you have Park Reservations for each person for each park, then if you want to make sure you get on a ride that is a must do, you have to pay even more ABOVE YOUR ADMISSION with...
  4. yensid67

    My Solution to Fix Genie+ and Reservations

    My solution is simple... -To fix Genie+...Bring back free Fast Passes, that will make most guests happy! Keep the most popular attractions as PAID Lightning Lane options...this will make Disney happy! I am sure they will make money, maybe not like before, but it will be beneficial for guest's...
  5. yensid67


    I think Epic U will have an effect on Disney parks for about 2-5 years after it opens, unless Disney does something! I suspect that crowd levels will be down at Disney, as well as Universal's other park, so what better time to go to Disney or Universal Studios or IOA!? What are your thoughts?
  6. yensid67

    Can I Come Back to the Parks?

    I echo your disgust with DIsney and the lack of attention to detail, to legacy, to guest experience, I said in my mind, that I would not return to the parks until there was drastic change back to these aspects of Disney, so I began to look at Universal, just the way you have, and I found out...
  7. yensid67

    Disney fan looking for a PRIMARY Universal Trip!

    My trip might look something like this... -Saturday: Amtrak Travel Day -Sunday: Amtrak Arrival- Kissimee? Hotel Check in (offsite) -Monday: Park Day 1- Universal IOA -Tuesday: Park Day 2- MK Christmas Party? -Wednesday: Park Day 3- Universal Studios -Thursday: Free Day/Capone's Dinner...
  8. yensid67

    Disney fan looking for a PRIMARY Universal Trip!

    I WAS a Disney fan, using DIsney as the primary reason for the trip! But now with the current state of Disney, I am looking for advice and help on planning a primary Universal Trip in the next few years! Any suggestions about how my day(s) would look like...Any advice or suggestions would be...
  9. yensid67

    Planning one day in January need help

    For tickets, go to undercovertourist.com
  10. yensid67

    News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

    ITS ABOUT TIME! Disney FINALLY recognized the PROBLEMS and corrected them! I send Iger hugs and prayers for a successful run as CEO!
  11. yensid67

    Disney plans hiring freeze, some jobs cut......

    More work and no extra pay! THAT SUCKS!
  12. yensid67

    Disney plans hiring freeze, some jobs cut......

    Well, who didn't see this coming!!?? Chapek comes up with GRAND IDEAS to increase Disney profits, shareholders are happy. Then the TRUE NUMBERS come in and now the Cast Members are going to suffer by the decisions of the executives...maybe if they want to save money, like always, start with the...
  13. yensid67

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    TRUE! BUT....Disney could make EVEN MORE MONEY!(since they seem to be money-hungry and GREDDY)
  14. yensid67

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    Disney should sell tickets to watch them transform the parks overnight! Guess I should not say that too loud...Chapek might hear and think its a great idea! LOL
  15. yensid67

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    I think Disney should be ashamed of themselves as they sit behind their desks in their extravagant offices and count their Millions of dollars in bounuses for saving money They will figure a way to cheapen the Disney experience....even though Chapek cheapsake says they are looking at improving...
  16. yensid67

    Are we just spoiled?

    Disney SAID that the Genie+ ONLY replaced FASTPASS to encourage Social distancing and other requirements of COVID-19! Now that COVID-19 is slowly getting less of a problem, FASTPASS NEEDS TO COME BACK! Put guest experience above making a quick buck! Walt is rolling over in his grave and getting...
  17. yensid67

    UK Pavilion - Queen Elizabeth

    That should include high prices!!
  18. yensid67

    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular

    Imagineering could find a use for the barges, just in a different configurational refurbishment...a new Illuminations would need barges!!! POOF! They already have them, just have to modify them!
  19. yensid67

    News EPCOT's Harmonious to be replaced with new nighttime spectacular

    JUST WHAT WE WANTED, RIGHT? I will welcome something BETTER without the barges, bring back a redesigned Illuminations, AND The Lights of Winter...while we are at it!
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