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  1. Weather_Lady

    Dress or costume?

  2. Weather_Lady

    Rumor Pecos Bills to be rethemed?

    No reason to destroy a time period, place, and food style that people really enjoy. It would be easy enough to do a very light re-decorating job, to remove the Pecos Bill references, add some clever and period-appropriate decor like wanted posters and tintypes and ads that (horrors!) don't...
  3. Weather_Lady

    Trip Insurance Help Needed

    We've used Travel Guard insurance through AIG in the past, which if you purchase it early enough, allow the option to "cancel for any reason." Medical issues involving a traveling party member's close relative are a covered reason for certain plans, however, even if you purchase it later on, and...
  4. Weather_Lady

    Staying at Swan/Dolphin & Using Boardwalk Bus to MK?

    Yes, Swan & Dolphin use Mears buses to MK and AK (but utilize the Disney-operated Friendship Boats and walking paths to HS and EPCOT). They used to be on the Disney bus system, but that was discontinued around the fall of 2020, I believe.
  5. Weather_Lady

    Staying at Swan/Dolphin & Using Boardwalk Bus to MK?

    When we stayed at the Dolphin, we used Boardwalk or BC/YC buses to get to and from the Magic Kingdom as well. Granted, it was at the end of August 2021 when crowds were at record-low levels, so the buses barely half full and we weren't taking seats away from any of those resorts' guests: if...
  6. Weather_Lady

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    There needs to be a psychological term for what I'm feeling about the Moana walkthrough, which is similar to how I felt when New Fantasyland, Space 220, Ratatouille, MMRR, the Polynesian entrance/monorail station, and other projects got postponed or extended, or were finished but left to rot...
  7. Weather_Lady

    One of WDW's Longest Broken Effects Quietly got Fixed this Week

    A step in the right direction!
  8. Weather_Lady

    Am I insane?

    Nope, not insane. We gave up Poly (a resort I love) for the Dolphin on our last visit (saved lots of money, and avoided the Poly entrance construction and corresponding lack of monorail service at the time) and didn't regret it one bit. The Crescent Lake hotels have such an amazing location that...
  9. Weather_Lady

    How Long for EPCOT

    It shouldn't be a problem: plan World Showcase visits on weekday afternoons when most locals are at work, and you'll avoid the nightly bump in Festival crowds (and dinner crowds).
  10. Weather_Lady

    Good bad & the ugly

    I think they didn't do their homework, and didn't realize that the WDW R.R. was down ("Frontierland transportation problem"), or that TRON wasn't finished ("get tomorrow land going"). But that's just my best guess, based on the verbiage. It appears that the OP has not studied DSL (Disney as a...
  11. Weather_Lady

    Good bad & the ugly

    Thank you! Here I was thinking they either got busted for a Lego mini-fig, or a piece of dollhouse furniture, which is where my mind goes when I hear the word "miniature."
  12. Weather_Lady

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    194 days until we (DH, me, DS 17 and DD 15) arrive for a 6-night split stay (3 nights at Yacht Club, 3 nights at GF in a DVC resort studio on rented points), with 5 park days. It will be our first time experiencing Ratatouille, Guardians, and of course TRON. We'll apparently be too early to see...
  13. Weather_Lady

    Magic Kingdom to Dolphin Hotel after MK close at 10pm

    I second this. In fact, you can stand in the bus line for Yacht/Beach Club, but also keep an eye on the adjacent Boardwalk bus queue. If a Boardwalk bus comes first and has room for you, take that one instead. It's a short walk to Dolphin from either one.
  14. Weather_Lady

    Intelligibility of Splash Mountain's plot

    I think I understood all of it from childhood, because I knew the ins and outs of the characters and stories already, enough to recognize changes that were made such as the substitution of the beehive for the Tar Baby, in the story that famously ends with the tossing of Bre'r Rabbit into the...
  15. Weather_Lady

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    No, not your fault -- it's mine. I misread the article initially, posted a response, immediately recognized my mistake, and then deleted the first post and posted a new one. But the damage must already have been done: you clearly read the first post in the minute or so that it was up, but quoted...
  16. Weather_Lady

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I'm glad they took a cue from the locker system at Universal's Islands of Adventure, and installed a "double-sided" locker system like the Velocicoaster has. (For those who haven't seen double-sided lockers, in order to eliminate the usual bottleneck of guests dropping off and picking up at...
  17. Weather_Lady

    Is genie + worth it

    When in August are you going? Traditionally it's a slower month with lower crowds, especially the second half. FWIW, we're going 8/12-18 and I've been playing around with personalized touring plans for those dates on the touringplans.com site, with and without Genie+/ILL. I am finding that the...
  18. Weather_Lady

    New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL

    My vegetarian daughter will be thrilled that they have multiple vegetarian options for the "protein," and I (always dieting, it seems) am glad to see so many salads and healthful sides in addition to the usual beans and mac & cheese. Depending on pricing, this might move way up on our "try it...
  19. Weather_Lady

    Veterans Day Holiday Week

    Per the crowd calendars, there may be a tiny increase around Veterans Day from Saturday-Monday (we're talking, from a 5 or 6 out of 10, to a 6 or 7) as some locals take advantage of the long weekend, but I wouldn't hesitate to visit then. Many schools will just have had a break in October, and...
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