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  1. TinkRBell427

    Resort renovations

    There seems to be a lot of maintenance going on where I will be staying, but I doubt it will interfere too much. Thanks for posting the info!:)
  2. TinkRBell427

    Pooh Queue Rumor: Tigger Bounce Spot to be removed

    IMO, I think they should have made the pads a bit bigger. Seeing the footage of the kids bouncing on them made me feel a bit better about the place, but I also imagine someone's shoe getting caught in the space between the pad and ground. Or maybe that would just happen to me because I always...
  3. TinkRBell427

    You Know You're A Disney/DisneyWorld Dork When...

    -When you get a little irritated that your friends think a park hopper pass gets them into both WDW and Universal. -When you get even more irritated when someone says their relative went to WDW and got the Grinch's autograph, and you tell them that's not possible and they respond with, "Are you...
  4. TinkRBell427

    You Know You're A Disney/DisneyWorld Dork When...

    I do this all the time! I almost cried last night at the gym when the wdw commercial came on an overhead tv. Luckily I was listening to my iPod so I didn't get the full effect!:)
  5. TinkRBell427

    club cool?

    Okay, okay. I'm a seasonal cm in this area and I have to tell you that yes, sadly, you can only sample the drinks with the cups provided. And even though I work there maybe 2 days out of the year, I always get this question about why Disney doesn't sell the drinks. Sadly, again, I have no...
  6. TinkRBell427

    New Cirque Show Coming?

    I was just about to post this exact comment! KA is fantastic!
  7. TinkRBell427

    SSE Paperboy

    I hope they turn the paperboy around in the future. I also think he's a little bit creepy now. Before they added the backdrop though, he looked like he was in timeout.:lol:
  8. TinkRBell427

    Wow... really? again? bus accident

    hahahaha Not sure why, but that made my day!
  9. TinkRBell427

    Grouchy CMs low quality standards and other things from our trip...

    Yeah, I have to go with Tom Morrow on this one.
  10. TinkRBell427

    Ice Station Cool?

    Because they are so popular! And the MadHatter is right, the Beverly does make the floor sticky because guests like to spit it out all over the floor. And hey, I try to mop it up as much as I can when I'm there.:lol: And sorry, you can't fill up your bottles with the soda. It's just for...
  11. TinkRBell427

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

    12 days!
  12. TinkRBell427

    Feb 2010 Roll Call!

    01/31 - 02/05 AKL:sohappy:
  13. TinkRBell427

    11-hour COP marathon today

    Oh, I have to do that now! How did I ever miss that one?:lol:
  14. TinkRBell427

    Plants burned by frost starting to be removed

    Poor plant life:( I hope the weather is a bit warmer next month!
  15. TinkRBell427

    Another S e x attack reported at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

    Exactly what I meant in another thread on this board! I think we need to find another abbreviation!:ROFLOL:
  16. TinkRBell427

    How Many Days for You (part 4)

  17. TinkRBell427

    Epcot or MK more kid friendly on New Years Eve?

    Yeah Epcot is a great NYE spot. I really loved the music last year and was dancing in pin central. Very fun! Fireworks were awesome too!
  18. TinkRBell427

    Phineas and Ferb update

    My mother did that tonight. I was excited too because it was the episode where Candace has "Squirrels in my pants!" S to the I to the M to the P! :ROFLOL:
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