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  1. FrostyNaples

    One Time Use Points - Cancel & Re book Question

    Curious if anyone has gone through this process. As I understand, one time user points cannot be banked. I'm looking to cancel my existing reservation, and re book another, and I will have a surplus of points after the re booking. Since a CM has to handle the transaction anyways, during the...
  2. FrostyNaples

    AK Tour - A Path Less Traveled

    Does anyone have insight on how this tour is scheduled throughout the day? The booking agent didn't really have any info other than meet a 10:30AM, and events are staggered. I'm curious what the itinerary times are, and how they are staggered, and which Rivers of Light show you see, the 1st or...
  3. FrostyNaples

    MNSHP - Why no Hershey candy?

    Just curious, clearly MARS got the contract, but is this always the case? Or is there a more specific reason for no Hershey candy at this event?
  4. FrostyNaples

    Toes Dipped

    Ok, toes dipped. Sending in escrow deposit for small resale contract tomorrow. Question: The contract banked all 2017 points for 2018 (cool, double the points early next year if we get this one). Now, there being 0 points left upon closing (fingers crossed), do we still get the one time...
  5. FrostyNaples

    Buy Direct 1st then Resale 2nd?

    Or the other way around? In either case the direct purchase is the smallest amount just to be official. Is there a strategy here? Can you buy less points direct after having a resale first? I'm staring at a 50 point offer direct, but not a current DVC owner anywhere. From reading other...
  6. FrostyNaples

    Cross Shoo Disney Direct vs DVC rentals

    I've always advocated DVC rentals for price savings since we became AP holders in 2014. Recently however, without explanation I'm starting to find DVC rentals coming up more expensive than booking Disney direct. So if recommend everyone start doing the same, this is a price game :-) My recent...
  7. FrostyNaples

    Beaches & Cream

    Is the only way to book reservations @ Beaches & Cream through the online Reservation system? Do they have a direct phone number? I'm assuming the Disney reservations Hotline would show the same availability as the online system, so was looking for a restaurant direct Hotline. I'm probably...
  8. FrostyNaples

    MNSSHP 2016 - 9/2

    So, is this tropical disturbance going to wash out our first night of this event? Sure is looking that way :bawling:
  9. FrostyNaples

    1st Stay @ Poly

    Just returned from our first stay at the Poly for three nights. Visually appealing resort I must say. As FL residents, the whole tropical island thing certainly pulls on the strings. A few items we didn't enjoy - (Deluxe Studio) decor and space was fantastic, the noise level no so much. You...
  10. FrostyNaples

    DVC Resale Add-Ons

    Let's say you were to purchase resale one year, then an add-on the following year (same use year, same resort). Would you have to pay dues on 'each' contract? Or since they are both same use year, same resort and only one membership number, do you pay just one set of dues? And if you repeat...
  11. FrostyNaples

    Late Spring Early Summer AP Discounts...

    Oh where oh where are my AP room discounts, oh where oh where can they be? Anyways, something soon I hope, last year they came out around 1/8 for dates running into the beginning of June. Something to match up with the public offer running thru 6/15 that's currently. I have a resort booked...
  12. FrostyNaples

    Pins, Pins, should have been warned!

    Why didn't anyone warn me, Pins can be hazardous to your health! LOL :D After giving this pin board for Christmas to my significant other, with a few pins to start of parks, events, resorts we have been to over the past few years of getting into WDW, I have to say, I may have developed my own...
  13. FrostyNaples

    Samsung Pay @ Walt Disney World

    Device used: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - AT&T Successfully used Samsung Pay @ the world a few weekends ago for all purchases. NFC & MST transactions worked flawlessly. Green Mickey's every time for the NFC transactions, and MST worked great at a few of the non-Disney owned retailers with mag...
  14. FrostyNaples

    Poly Parking - First Stay

    I've just booked our first stay at the Poly with the 30% off AP rate for early 2016 (Yahooo!), and anyways i've never driven through the Magic Kingdom gates unless on Disney Bus Transportation. Seeing as how this is the way to the resort, do they just scan your band at the gate and get you a...
  15. FrostyNaples

    New Tiered Annual Pass - Upgrade Early?

    Just curious if anyone has been to the parks and attempted to upgrade their existing Annual Pass (prior to 10/4) to one of the newer tiered passes. Didn't know if it was mandatory to wait until the current one expires. :cool::p
  16. FrostyNaples

    MNSSHP 2015 - Special Character Meets

    Those who have attended in 2015 thus far, any insight on when the special character's begin to appear? I read on another post they saw Jack as early as 5pm, not sure if that was with or without Sally. Curious to see how many appear before the 7pm start, and also, how long into the night they...
  17. FrostyNaples


    For these events - we have the tickets already linked in MDE. My question is, we will be in the parks well before the 7pm start time of these events, how to we get the special event bands (not magic bands), that indicate we are staying for the event? Are the CM's equipped as they walk around...
  18. FrostyNaples

    Memory Maker - Multiple Trips

    Can Memory Maker be used to collect photo's from more than one trip if they are relatively close by? I have a few trips coming up this fall / early winter. Oct 23rd Nov 28th Dec 12th Would the Nov 28th & Dec 12th trips be close enough I only need to buy MM+ once? I wouldn't go in to download...
  19. FrostyNaples

    DVC cash reservation vs. rental from 3rd party

    Unique, not so complex question, i hope :D Lets say your a DVC member and your out of points, can't borrow from next year, zip zilch nada left and you want to make a DVC resort reservation. Now this turns into a cash reservation situation. Is a DVC cash reservation discounted? Is the...
  20. FrostyNaples

    Only 3 Days in Disney - Which Parks [POLL]

    For visiting Disney World - 3 days, no hopper, different park each day - Which parks would you visit? (Poll Can Choose up to 3 Answers)
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