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  1. Jyoung147

    Mission Space while Pregnant?

    Former Mission: Space CM here, Its a hard no. The restraints sit directly over your stomach, and the rides tilts forward, which means all your weight is pressed down right on your stomach. CMs are told in no uncertain terms that neither green or orange are ok for pregnancies, unfortunately :(
  2. Jyoung147

    Additional Carno Head

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this! I noticed while riding Dinosaur this week that when you reach the photo carno, if you look across the track from him to the left you can see and additional small Carnotaurus head up in the trees. Anyone have any idea what this is? I originally...
  3. Jyoung147

    PHOTOS - A look at the opening day commemorative merchandise for Pandora - The World of Avatar

    I'm really going back and forth between going and not going tomorrow. What time does everyone think they're gonna let people start showing up?
  4. Jyoung147

    Pandora Grand Opening Celebration

    Is this a closed event or can you go to see it if you are in the park that day?
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