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  1. heapster411

    Roundup BBQ

    I know that you are referring to serving size, But honestly, there is no comparison between Polite Pig and Whispering Canyon, IMHO. The Pig wins hands down!!! Seems like Disney "tries" for good BBQ, But they can't seem to get the right taste combination, at least that what my taste buds tell me!
  2. heapster411

    Recommendation for quiet onsite resort room...but not too far from things?

    You can never go wrong @ OKW. The DW and I stay there almost every trip. VERY relaxing! This year our last bucket list location is going to be the treehouse @ Saratoga Springs. I have a feeling it's going to be the most quiet place on property. OKW is a very welcoming place.
  3. heapster411

    disney credit card worth it??

    I use mine for that 10% discount at dining @ the parks. Plus, the reward dollars let me go nuts @ the Holiday Kitchens on my last trip. Nothing tastes better than free food. I know it's not really free, but I can imagine, right?
  4. heapster411

    Problems Booking on Disney's Website??

    When I saw that the Promo for Dining Cards, I thought I'd pop on the site to do some math. Just to see availability and cost, it told me I had a 1 minute or so wait. Kinda reminded me out the Candlelight Processional Dining Package mess 2 years ago. So many people logging on and Disney can only...
  5. heapster411

    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    You are quite right, I Believe you have to have the right elements to create the bread. The right flour, yeast and humidity! But, since the company has record setting profits and will have land space in New Orleans ( since the cruise line is going to have a berth here), Fly it in! It's only an...
  6. heapster411

    Security splitting up families / groups at entrances

    Before our trip last year, the DW had a pacemaker put in. So, going thru the screening, she would inform them, and they would pull her aside and wand her. Me, on the other had would just go thru the scanners and meet her on the other side. Funny thing, on the third day I just happened to get...
  7. heapster411

    Steakhouse 71

    Been there for lunch, right after it had opened. Really tasty food. It has a different vibe than the "Wave" had. Going again for dinner for our December trip. I believe you can do walk ups under MDE. Hope you can try it!
  8. heapster411

    Favorite Lunch at Disney Springs??

    I would suggest Polite Pig, always a hit with the DW and I. Plus, if you are so inclined, you can hit their Bourbon Bar. Since I had retired from the "spirts" 20 years ago, I can only fantasize what a Good Bourbon Flight would be like. Or, put some restaurant names in a hat and let the " Food...
  9. heapster411

    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    To the life of me, I couldn't remember the name of the automats yesterday. I was going to put that in my post. Well done, Sir!
  10. heapster411

    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    Was thinking about a "Hotpot" Restaurant, but then thinking of the general population, they probably might not grasp the concept, or the risk of burnt hands might outweigh the experience.
  11. heapster411

    Fantasmic Reopening Watch

    So, with ADR''s for Sci-Fi SO easy to get, Disney decided to make that package the cheapest. This should be fun.
  12. heapster411

    renting dvc points

    I also went thru David's DVC. Painless! Obtained BLT 1BR Lake View in Dec. 5-10, Right around $3400.00. Pretty close to 40% off.
  13. heapster411

    Candlelight Processional 2022?

    I tried to get 12/7 for the Biergarten, had 4:15, but the time I got to confirm, the time was not available. Got lucky and obtained 12/8, 3:45 Biergarten. Started around 4:45AM CST finally got my confirmation @ 5:01AM. Watched a DFB video the other day and AJ said that the window for ADR's...
  14. heapster411

    News Walt Disney World Christmas holidays 2022

    Makes you think that "Paycheck Chapek" really wants to decorate with aluminum trees and a color wheel?
  15. heapster411

    Candlelight Processional 2022?

    Wondering that myself. My 60 day ADR window is on the 6th. Last year was such a headache!!!
  16. heapster411

    Dining / Park Reservations / Hopping

    After 2PM. My original park reservation was MK. It was hectic last year getting ADR for the Candlelight Processional Dining Package for the Biergarten. Took many tries to get it, and when I did get it, the system put the 2nd park reservation on MDE. I think since I had to pay in advance for the...
  17. heapster411

    Dining / Park Reservations / Hopping

    last year during the Candlelight Processional Dining Plan Fiasco, when i did get my ADR for the Biergarten, it used my park hopper to add us to the park reservation system after 2:00PM. It popped up on MDE.
  18. heapster411

    Hurricane Ian expected to impact Florida (updates and related discussions)

    After hurricane Ida I had some roof and fence damage, my insurance company ( like a good neighbor) sent out an independent insurance adjuster. After inspection he indicated I needed a new roof and fence. their head adjuster look over the photos and said that I didn't need a new roof just some...
  19. heapster411

    Candlelight Processional 2022?

    So my choices are Isabella Rossellini or Daymond John, in everybody's opinion, which would be better?
  20. heapster411

    Candlelight Processional 2022?

    I am glad that this is announced, My ADR date is 10/6, and my preference is Biergarten, hope my stars are in line so I can obtain it for 12/7, or 12/8.
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