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  1. jaklgreen

    Disney Wish

    I understand why some want private tables. I think that they will need to factor this into future ships.
  2. jaklgreen

    Disney Wish

    I think that the table issue at the restaurants was that they had more tables that seated less people. The other ships seem to have a lot of 8 top tables but the Wish seemed to have more 4 and 6 tops. That would make a difference.
  3. jaklgreen

    buying a home at golden oaks

    It is a regular neighborhood. There are a lot of gated communities in Florida.
  4. jaklgreen

    Private Events

    They will rent out anything to you, but not many can afford it. The price is high enough that only the uber rich or corporations are the ones that end up renting the space.
  5. jaklgreen

    Comfort level when it comes to someone watching your child.

    Hi all. So when my kids were young, we did not feel comfortable letting just random strangers watch our kids, especially when they were very young. Like some people will hire a local teen to watch their kids without even knowing them. I saw a post on a FB group about someone going to Aulani and...
  6. jaklgreen

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    There is a road back there that leads the the World Showplace. When they had the Party for the Senses during the Food and Wine fest. Anyone that purchased the deluxe ticket got a ride from their resort there and would be dropped up back there. The road circles around the back of World Showcase.
  7. jaklgreen

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    There is a road back behind the World Showplace that they can use. I have been dropped off there in past years for the Party for the Senses. But that was with a van. You could probably get a bus in that area.
  8. jaklgreen

    Never stayed at Boardwalk before get me excited

    I like the Boardwalk. I didn't think that the rooms were run down at all. We stayed there a few months ago.
  9. jaklgreen

    Security splitting up families / groups at entrances

    I don't think that is accurate either. And it is not as if the family that is going through the faster line, can't just hold back a bit so that you can go through at approximately the same time. This isn't the airport with TSA telling you were to go and what to do.
  10. jaklgreen

    Security splitting up families / groups at entrances

    I think that people that have not seen the set up, are making this out to be a waaay bigger issue than it is. They lines are literally right next to each other. So the wheelchair person and the pusher are only a few feet away from the people going through the scanner. I think some are...
  11. jaklgreen

    Aulani, i have questions!

    Are you expecting prices to be the same as they were 22 YEARS ago?
  12. jaklgreen


    I have stayed in 6 different resorts in the last 2 years and decline housekeeping. Every resort, except for POR came in and got the trash everyday.
  13. jaklgreen

    The great stroller dilema

    Yep, kids that age have been able to physically handle activity(like WDW) forever. It is only recently that parents feel like kids are not able to handle this level of physical activity. I really don't understand why.
  14. jaklgreen

    What kind of restaurant would you add if you could???

    Breakfast all day would be great. I would love to go and get Mickey waffles for lunch. Or a Japanese BBQ, where you cook the food yourself over the grill/hot pot restaurant. Disney Springs could use a food hall. Where you can get quick service of foods from all over the world. Bao buns, curry...
  15. jaklgreen

    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    They have an IT, it is just "off shore" IT, as my husband's company likes to call them. You get what you pay for.
  16. jaklgreen

    Aulani, i have questions!

    Nope, it is not too long. On our first trip 4 years ago, we stopped at DL for a couple of days also. Then we spent 2 weeks at Aulani and 3 nights at a hotel in Waikiki. Last year, we went straight to Oahu and stayed 16 nights at Aulani and 5 nights in Waikiki. There is plenty to do on Oahu and...
  17. jaklgreen

    No testing if vaccinated!

    I was fine with the testing, but I am glad that I don't have to worry about it for my upcoming cruise. This goes into effect a week before I sail.
  18. jaklgreen

    Dress code

    I didn't say to police anyone. I was just giving my opinion and my observations. I would not like to be stopped by a cast member and told to "cover up" because I showed up in a something that can be seen as inappropriate for the venue. But others might not see an issue with it. We all have our...
  19. jaklgreen

    Dress code

    But don't you think that with there being a possibility that a cast member might find it inappropriate, then it most likely at the very least, straddles the line? I think that I would prefer to not dress in a manner that is questionable than be asked to put appropriate clothing on. To most...
  20. jaklgreen

    Dress code

    I am not usually a person that cares what others wear, but Disney is a family place. I agree with the others and don't think that just a bra is appropriate. I would put on a loose tank top over your sports bra. It might actually keep you cooler by shielding the direct sun off of your skin.
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