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  1. goofntink

    Annual Passholder Parking Issues

    : Won't be able to do that much longer. They are going to be putting a security kiosk back at the old location on Vista Way past Fort Wilderness Campgrounds once Four Seasons at Golden Oak is done. Only way thru is with resort,cast,Golden Oak rfid cards. Or transponder.
  2. goofntink

    Monorail Trouble?

    A quick and hard push!!!
  3. goofntink

    Space Mountain - Poor Cast Experience

    Question,you did not mention in your post, but was the left side even open and were there guests in the queue? You mentioned you went to guest services immediately after at 2:30 a.m,which means you were at the park during E.M.H. At that time that side may have been closed already since you were...
  4. goofntink

    Hollywood Studios New Entrance? Pictures

    Will be new exit for cars from parking lots. Entrance/exit on BVD will become service and bus entrance/exit only when road work is done. Guest vehicles will no longer have access to the BVD exit from the park lots at all.
  5. goofntink

    No more free drinks at All Star Sports Resort

    WHAT??? Your comparing Disney to Burger King or McDonalds?? Seriously??? Wooowwww!!!! Last I checked unlimited refills at BK an McDonalds were only good when you are sitting down to eat in the restaurant. You can't leave and go back the next day,or even the same day for that matter and expect to...
  6. goofntink

    Disney Resorts Wifi Reliability

    Wow complaining about something free!:eek: Never fails!!
  7. goofntink

    Road widening work to begin on major section of Walt Disney World property

    They will not be replacing the current fleet. They will be added. We still have new Gillig coming in this year to phase out the remainder of the RTS buses.We are testing them to see how they fit into the load zones at MK and certain resorts,and what modifications (extensions) we need to do in...
  8. goofntink

    Magic Kingdom Monorails at Reduced Capacity Due to Beam Damage

    Still amazes me to keep reading the same thing over and over again. Lack of maintenance,missed my dinner reservation, I pay all this money to stay at the monorail resorts....blah blah blah. Lack of maintenance? Tell you what go take a look at a 40 year old concrete bridge or road where you...
  9. goofntink

    New Sign installed at new Art of Animation Resort

    Less than 90 days out now. May for 1st phase.
  10. goofntink

    Road widening work to begin on major section of Walt Disney World property

    The road work and expansion is for Art of Animations addition to the resorts and its added impact for traffic. Other reason will come to light shortly with some additions of new equipment to bus transportation for POP,AOA,ASR,and CBR. Lookup Novabus Company and look for model LFS Arctic. We have...
  11. goofntink

    ruins of old disney rides

    Saw this thread popped back up. Read posting about the two monorail silver cabs. Wanted to say those weren't scrapped those were kept for spares. They were both reused to replace the totaled cabs from the accident to make monorail peach.
  12. goofntink

    Obama visit, Hollywood Studios Fireworks, and EMH Changes

    For tommorrow all Castmember Maingate passes are blacked out for MK. Annual passes are as well,and those guests will be directed to visit the other parks. Guests with 1 day 1 park admission tickets will be allowed to park hop tommorrow. If you have reservations for the Barber shop,or Tonys they...
  13. goofntink

    Tell me about Christmas Day please

    The taping for the segments from Disneyland for the Christmas day Parade have already been taped. The taping at the MK will be on Friday and Saturday Dec 2nd and 3rd. Sorry to say that the "guests" you see in the broadcast are actually cast members and their family and friends. Reason for this...
  14. goofntink

    5th Gate sold to an outsider (a question, not a rumor!)

    Considering they are not "allowing" a.k.a forbidding the Lego Store at DTD from promoting or the employees even talking about the new LEGOLAND theme park that opened this past weekend near WDW in Winter Haven... I THINK NOT!!!!!! BY the way it would be denied if asked by Disney, but they do have...
  15. goofntink

    Mystery Stakes near MK Bus Station

    TTC bus lot will become a full charter lot once we move our busses from there. It will be used solely for the outside resort busses,Lynk,and tour busses.
  16. goofntink

    Mystery Stakes near MK Bus Station

    Yes correct. It will allow us to "Super Queue" Load zones for overflow like we currently do when we use unassigned load zone 4 to expand the load zone for #5 for PORS, and after construction is finished on load zone 18 (which is boarded up right now) which is normally for Pop Century and use 17...
  17. goofntink

    DTD-West Side Bus Stops

    We did use them at one point for Disney bus operations. But they are now used by Lynk and the outside charter companys for access to DTD.
  18. goofntink

    Mystery Stakes near MK Bus Station

    The survey stakes are actually in the layout for the new bus lane for the new load zones that are going to be added at the MK. The new load zones 19-26 will be added onto the back of the current B-side load zones 11-18 canopy, and will be similar to the load zone configuration for the A-side...
  19. goofntink

    Are the flashing no stopping signs at the main entrance always been there?

    1. The flashing lights have been up for about 3 months, signs were up for about a year. 2. It is illegal to stop on the side of the roadway since there is no shoulder. 3. You are also tearing up the grass and breaking sprinkler heads and they are constantly having to replace everything...
  20. goofntink

    Bus Fire- Magic Kingdom

    Sorry to say but it's true. Each "Hub" (MK,EC,DHS,AK,DTD)is allocated 67 busses each day = 335 busses. Then you have the cast shuttles. MK BUS Cast=1,MK Westclock to Tunnel = 4,MK Pluto=2,MK Parade=2,EC Cast West-East=3,AK Cast=2. Then you have the WWOS busses=4 (2 WWOS-ASR,2 WWOS-POP/CBR. Then...
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