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  1. muddyrivers

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* Simply Having a Magical Christmastime - Nov/Dec 2022

    You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your trip reports. The style of your writing and the details you include really help understand what the trip is like without getting too detailed and becoming boring. It's so great that your family enjoys all of your Disney trips and you all seem to...
  2. muddyrivers

    What's the best WDW secret you know?

    Who are the graves for? What's the story of how they got there?
  3. muddyrivers

    News Iger at Parks This Week

    I just finished reading a chapter in the Imagineering Story covering this and I think it is something most of Disney's top brass have lost sight of. Marty Sklar authored "Mickey's Ten Commandments": Know your audience: "Don't bore people, talk down to them, or lose them by assuming that they...
  4. muddyrivers

    Can you bring a laptop into the parks?

    There's so many people using the WiFi, even if it has improved, speeds may be the same or even slower since there's more people using WiFi on their phones/tablets than ever before. If you have larger WiFi requirements and travel fairly often, it may be worth investing in one of those cellular...
  5. muddyrivers

    New PeopleMover dialogue?

    Sounds like you talked to the same PeopleMover CM I talked to who when I notified them the work lights were on in the Progress City tunnel they responded "oh ok" and never said anything to any of their fellow CMs.
  6. muddyrivers

    have you seen this concept art before?

    I'm not asking anything. I'm sharing a picture someone else posted on Facebook related to the planned Spain Pavilion. I thought it would be useful to the OP in their research about the artwork they have.
  7. muddyrivers

    have you seen this concept art before?

    I'll upload the picture here so Facebook doesn't hide it again. The poster was Mike Kendall and they said, "Here's something you will never see... From my Uncle Collin Campbell .. I know nothing about Disney World was this created?"
  8. muddyrivers

    News Disney testing smart speakers in guest rooms at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up since I honestly don't want to read a 10 page thread of arguments, but my concern is the fact these recordings are stored by Amazon in general which are then used for "personalization" and other marketing/advertising purposes. I work in the world of...
  9. muddyrivers

    have you seen this concept art before?

    To follow up on this, someone in the Vintage Walt Disney World Facebook group just posted this image:
  10. muddyrivers

    have you seen this concept art before?

    The closest thing I could find was a reference to 1986 which was after the copyright on your artwork: https://waltdatedworld.com/id207.htm If you have access to a Newspapers.com subscription, you might be able to search the Orlando Sentinel or other papers for references to an announcement of...
  11. muddyrivers

    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    On my last trip I tried to listened to the Irons narration but I found myself fast forwarding so often to keep it relatively in sync. Especially on the descent I really struggled to get it to end on time. I actually was being invited into AT&T's new Global Neighborhood as I was in said...
  12. muddyrivers

    Tired of these people

    It has definitely always happened, but people have had their brains melted as well. When Hoot and Chief did their Horizons "explorations" they made sure to stay out of sight. Really so they wouldn't get caught but I appreciate them also not "ruining" the attraction for other guests. If a person...
  13. muddyrivers

    Eyes And Ears

    I could take those off your hands ;)
  14. muddyrivers

    Heads-up Apple iPhone 14/Watch Folks

    I also think the response is a bit overblown since (as far as I know) this has happened on only one rollercoaster in one themepark in Ohio. It is not as if this is happening on every roller coaster or even a large number across the world.
  15. muddyrivers

    Epcot's 40th Anniversary

    It's kind of a shame that we have to post status updates each day about whether the 82 loop is still playing and what light show they're doing. It would have been better if Disney had told us this would be a month long celebration or whatever the case may be. Some people may even schedule their...
  16. muddyrivers

    Spaceship in Spaceship Earth

    Also posting the image for the future in case Twitter and/or the tweet go away:
  17. muddyrivers

    Epcot 40 Fan Meet-Up

    I hope you all celebrated by listening to @marni1971 latest megamix through the parks! :D If you thought the 25th mix was great, this one will blow your mind.
  18. muddyrivers

    Epcot 40 Fan Meet-Up

    I would also recommend doing a group viewing of Impressions de France in the evening as that is truly an EPCOT original (and probably the most original to when it opened in 82).
  19. muddyrivers

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    I don't agree with the logic of "Disney needs to focus upon more modern and inspiring ideas and notions." Imagination (the concept, not the ride itself) is a timeless idea that has empowered all of us since we were children. Games you played outside with friends? Thought up due to your...
  20. muddyrivers

    Aulani, i have questions!

    I went with my family in April. I'm sure there's others who have been there as well. Post away and I'm sure you'll get some answers!
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