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  1. Robbiem

    What ride going away would bother you the most

    Too many to think about but if I had to choose one it would be Its a small world. To me its the heart of Disney
  2. Robbiem

    News Bob Iger is back! Chapek is out!!

    Does anyone really go to a movie anymore because its made by a certain studio? Maybe for a niche like pixar but I can’t see people going to see a 20th Century movie over a Paramount one There are so many companies at the start of most movies that the ‘studio’ is just one of a long list.
  3. Robbiem

    What should be the 3rd land at Walt Disney Studios Park?

    I think a partly indoor Pandora could be a good fit for Paris - make it like Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo with a large indoor space so you can have the bioluminesence all day and provide shelter in the winter (which WSP really needs). Could also have a TDS style 20K ride through the oceans of...
  4. Robbiem

    Can Disney legends have their title taken away?

    I can't think of anyone but there is always the possibility someone objects to something like business interests in China or third world labour making Disney products and makes a statement by handing back
  5. Robbiem

    Disney Employees Must Return to Office Four Days a Week, Bob Iger Says

    My experience (admittedly from the UK) is that over the last decade or so the workplace has had big changes. The last few places I've worked no one has a set desk, just hot desks so teams don't sit together and any in person benefits are minimised or eliminated. This in turn has made offices...
  6. Robbiem

    Let's be honest...is Carousel of Progress going to last the next five years?

    I’d love to see CoP, the progress city model, and one mans dream move to EPCOT as a tribute space to Walt but I don’t think Disney would ever do it. The only place they would move it to would be a landfill site unfortunately
  7. Robbiem

    Can Disney legends have their title taken away?

    If there isn’t a way to take it away Disney can change its own rules so it can or they could remove all mentions of a troublesome person being a legend and hoping that people forget Another question - can people give up their status if they choose, for example like Tom Cruise and his golden globes?
  8. Robbiem

    News Mickey’s Copyright Adventure: Early Disney Creation Will Soon Be Public Property

    Unfortunately this happens all the time. IP rights aren’t worth jack for the little guys. When I worked as an IP lawyer you saw it all the time. If the little guy didn’t sell to the big player he was shunned until his rights lapsed or he couldn’t afford the renewal fees then the big guys took...
  9. Robbiem

    News Mickey’s Copyright Adventure: Early Disney Creation Will Soon Be Public Property

    Copyright allows for works to be reproduced for things like parody, journalism or research as it isn’t trying to profit directly from the work but is used in the creation of something new. Other laws apply to protect the people being represented like slander and libel if things go too far
  10. Robbiem

    News Mickey’s Copyright Adventure: Early Disney Creation Will Soon Be Public Property

    Copyright and IP law is very complicated and confusing. I’m not an expert on US copyright but I do have a law degree in UK IP law Basically there are two types of IP rights. Copyright is an automatic right and gives the creator a monopoly licence to reproduce their work for a period of time...
  11. Robbiem

    Predictions for Disney in 2023

    this is a cert. Now he is back Bob I will spin out his departure for longer than Frank Sinatra. He won’t go on his own unless its being carried out in a box
  12. Robbiem

    Can Disney legends have their title taken away?

    I think the studios bust was from the Emmy hall of fame, not Disney legend but saying that a disney legend tribute would be a good fit for the studios
  13. Robbiem

    Shanghai Disneyland closes due to outbreak of a pneumonia-like illness in China

    I hope this means HK has turned a corner. Its such a beautiful resort it deserves to be a success
  14. Robbiem

    Buena Vista Palace Epcot fireworks view?

    Haven’t stayed there but did stay next door at the Wyndham/ Grosvenor. Had a great view of epcot and the fireworks I would defo book if the cost is OK
  15. Robbiem

    For Reference: Space for a 5th Park at Walt Disney World

    it would be interesting to see how things change over time. Like the cost of building upwards there often comes a time when the engineering costs come down and the land value increases so the return eventually justifies the investment- I wonder at what point somewhere like the Mediterranean/...
  16. Robbiem

    2nd and 3rd parks at Shanghai Disney Resort

    I remember reading somewhere that the second and third gates would be an animal kingdom and a version of epcot Personally I’d like to see some new concepts a park based on myths and legends or Disneysea with different themed ports would be nice - anything but another studio park!
  17. Robbiem

    Walt Disney World Vacation Affordability Survey

    Done. Good luck and please share your findings here later on
  18. Robbiem

    Indiana Jones Land?

    Lost river delta in TDS is basically an Indy land themed around the South American jungle. I think something like it would be a good fit in DHS and bring an adventureland type area to the park which would be a nice change adding some water and greenery
  19. Robbiem

    Oceans of Pandora

    A ride like 20k in Tokyo themed to Pandora’s oceans would be a nice addition to Animal Kingdom IMO
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