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  1. mouselvrmom

    The birthday, we're posers, I wanna go home trip report: July 1-16, 2011

    I'm back and ready to start another trip report if only so that I can remember it while making my scrapbooking pages. Now, just a foreword, this may get a little wordy as there are lots of things that I want to remember. This shouldn't be a problem, as you can just scroll through all the words...
  2. mouselvrmom

    Our road trip, resort hopping, HOT, HOT, HOT trip report: August 9-21, 2010

    I just got back a few days ago, and while laundry waits for me, I was excited to get started on this. We are a family of six. There is me, Jenn, my hubby, Sam, 15 year old daughter, drama queen, Lexy (or as she has taken to calling herself by her middle name this trip Ariana :lol:), 9 year...
  3. mouselvrmom

    Our last minute first ever trip without the kids: August 2009

    Well, we did it. We actually took a trip to the world without our four kids. I really felt kind of bad about taking a trip without them, but after our fiascos on the plane I'm really glad we did it. I'm sure on our next trip our kids will be the best behaved young ones ever. :D So let's...
  4. mouselvrmom

    Magical Express Pick Up Time?

    So I'm having a bit of a dilemma right now. My hubby and I are taking a quick last minute trip to the world in August. I have been trying to get reservations at LeCellier at any time during our trip. I was so surprised when time actually opened up of course on the day we leave. Our plane...
  5. mouselvrmom

    Challenge: April 11-17

    I'm giving eagles another week off this week. She deserves it. She's been doing these challenges for us for awhile now. :) This week's theme is tomorrowland. We, of course, welcome pictures taken in tomorrowland, but are not choosy. You can do any pictures that show something futuristic, I...
  6. mouselvrmom

    Using DVC dining plan

    My hubby just called to extend our reservation by a day. While he was on the phone, he told them that we would also be adding the dining plan. He thought when he did so that she told him that when he was at the 180 day mark, he could call member service to make reservations instead of disney...
  7. mouselvrmom

    calendar pages

    I just thought I would share something that I do in my scrapbooks. I do my scrapbooking monthly so I do a calendar page at the start of every month. I know some of you don't like to journal that much, so I thought that maybe a calendar page would work better. I think it would work nicely for...
  8. mouselvrmom

    I'm so bummer!

    I just have to say that I am so bummed today. I went on disneyland.com to see if the schedule was up yet for december. I wasnt' really expecting it to be, but it was. I was momentarily happy while I looked to see if they had any additional info up yet. They didn't have parades yet or...
  9. mouselvrmom

    Park opening at Disneyland?

    Does disneyland and california adventure have a park opening ceremony like the wdw parks do? We didn't remember one from last time, but were only there for a few days so we might have missed it.
  10. mouselvrmom

    Christmas at Disneyland?

    We are going to Disneyland December 3-13 this year and am wondering how disneyland does christmas. I know that they don't have a separate party like wdw, but am wondering if they really decorate. I have seen some pictures of the parks decorated, but do they decorate the resorts, too? Any...
  11. mouselvrmom

    Trip January 8-18, 2007

    Ok. I'm going to try to post my first trip report with pictures if possible. We got in on the 8th & it was pretty warm. Magical Express was great & we made it to the Beach Club. We had planned on having a quick counter service at Hurricane Hanna's but they were closed that day due to a...
  12. mouselvrmom

    dining before spectromagic

    So on the day that we fly in, we have reservations at the liberty tree tavern at 5:35pm. Spectro is at 7pm that night. My husband is worried that we won't have enough time to eat and get our to see it, but I think that it will be ok, since it runs right by there. I didn't want to get it much...
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