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  1. hcswingfield

    info about FL DMV?

    You may have heard Vern and I are moving to the Orlando area next month. (happy dance!) Once I start work on Aug 8, it will be several months before I can take a day off to get a FL drivers license and to get plates for my car, so I need to do that before I start. HOWEVER, the first day of...
  2. hcswingfield

    It Gets Better video

    I appreciate the work of all the Disneyland cast members who made this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCSUfFStTQE
  3. hcswingfield

    Happy birthday, Vernonpush!

    I'm so glad you were born! :sohappy:
  4. hcswingfield

    Thank you for being consistent!

    Thank you, WDWMagic, for not updating the format of your web site every day! It's nice to log into the forum page and not have to try and figure out how to use it because it's been changed since yesterday.
  5. hcswingfield

    Spam warning

    For the last week or so, my junk mail folder has been jammed with emails that have titles that are variations on Disney Movie Club, Disney Movies, etc. I haven't clicked on any of these. Based on the volume, I doubt they are from anything really associated with Disney.
  6. hcswingfield

    Gym Dawgs do it again!

    5th straight national championship!
  7. hcswingfield

    Dancing with the Stars 2009

    OK, I'll start the thread. Wasn't Melissa awesome? Especially after only 2 days to learn the dance. I hope this helps her get over last Monday!
  8. hcswingfield

    Photos part 5 - around Coronado Springs resort

    This last one is bread in the bakery window at CS!
  9. hcswingfield

    Photos part 4 - shows at the AK

  10. hcswingfield

    Photos part 3 - Osborne lights

  11. hcswingfield

    Photos from our trip 12/7 - 12/12/08

    I finally have the chance to post some of these. Thanks to Vern for help with formatting! Vern getting his hair cut: Streetmosphere at the studios: More to come!
  12. hcswingfield

    "First family" for Soarin'

    Vern and I were at the front of the crowd for rope drop at Epcot opening yesterday, and a cast member from Soarin' (Robin :sohappy:) came and asked us if we were going to Soarin'. When we said yes, she invited us to be the first family for the day. We got to be the audience for the first show...
  13. hcswingfield

    Dancing With the Stars 2008

    What a fun season opener! I was surprised at how well some of the stars could dance. And what a treat to see Laci from "So You Think You Can Dance" as a pro on this show. Her cha cha choreography was smoking! I hope Susan Lucci can loosen up a little and have some fun. Cloris Leachman was a...
  14. hcswingfield

    Use those gift cards!

    I just got this in an email from a friend: The following companies just filed for Bankruptcy: Hollywood Video Levitz Sharper Image Performance Team Freight Linens n Things Circuit City...
  15. hcswingfield

    Happy 50th Birthday, Vernonpush!

    HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY 5OTH BIRTHDAY DEAR VERNON! HAPPY 5OTH BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: (And yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm still 3 years older.):ROFLOL::ROFLOL::ROFLOL:
  16. hcswingfield


    Is awesome. My feet were tapping the entire movie. Nikki Blonsky is a real discovery, and Elijah Kelly has the voice of an angel. John Travolta is totally believable as Edna, and he and Christopher Walken have incredible chemistry in their number together. Queen Latifah is at her best...
  17. hcswingfield

    Disney explains reaction to Hamas "Mickey"

    From USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/life/television/news/2007-05-21-disney-hamas_N.htm
  18. hcswingfield

    testing smilies

    testing smilies :ROFLOL: :ROFLOL: :ROFLOL: :ROFLOL:
  19. hcswingfield

    Harry and Vernon's May 2007 Adventure

    Harry and Vernon's May 2007 adventure (brief recap) Highlights: Arranged a meeting with Nemo14 on the first full day, and had an unplanned meeting with NCState on last full day. It's always great to meet frinds from the forum face to face. This was a great trip for making new friends while...
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