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  1. Cesar R M

    To the photopass crew at DHS ( 4/11 2020)

    My thanks to John and the other photopass member at DHS today Wednesday 4 at 3:40pm in the entrance street(Hollywood Boulevard) going towards the Chinese Theatre. Who had a lot of patience and we had a conversation even with my broken english and also helped me fulfill a request related to...
  2. Cesar R M

    Trip Report Chunking on Orlando New Year's Eve (WDW and Uni)

    What? Another WDW trip? Yeah this is my 4th on 4 years (including a Disney Cruise). Now.. The Participants on the adventure: My mother dearest. For companion purposes. My niece and goddaughter (and the reason of why this trip) My nephew (he had to tag along with his sister) Anyway, It was...
  3. Cesar R M

    Difference in Villas at AKL

    Hello everyone. I'm planning to secure some space by renting points at AKL. But I was kinda confused by the price differences in the 2 bedroom villas. The "value" villas seem to be for 8 people and costs around 2k. While the "standard" are for 9 and cost 500 USD more on average. Anyone knows...
  4. Cesar R M

    Trip Report Mexican guy Freezes in Alaska (aka Disney Wonder Alaska trip)

    Hello Guys! I have been reminded constantly (lol) to post my trip report. I was of course.. busy. Not much time to think other than work. Thanks god, today (rainy day in my hometown) and after exactly 1 month since my Alaska trip. Finally have some time to post something!!. Anyway...
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