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  1. Sonconato

    New Release From Burudika/Wassalou

    As you all know, I am a fan of Animal Kingdom's former band Burudika. For this reason, I have been following them and now they have a new release on Spotify. I have heard it and it is an excellent selection of songs, even if you never saw them or heard of them before. Here is the link: For...
  2. Sonconato

    2018 Christmas Week Experiences

    We have visited the Parks at various times during this 2018 Christmas Week and have been rather surprised at what we faced considering we have done this every year for the past 10 years. Below are some images and videos that should be self-explanatory. Due to these occurrences, we decided to...
  3. Sonconato

    News Disney Bus Driver Arrested

    Just saw this: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/former-disney-bus-driver-accused-of-trying-to-meet-teenage-girl-for-sex
  4. Sonconato

    Speaking of Parking...

    We were complaining about how far out we had to park to go to MK and then we saw why: Has anyone else ever seen this at WDW?
  5. Sonconato

    The Good Things about WDW! (Part 2)

    I didn't want to necro-bump this thread, so I made my own. So, I thought it might be nice to mention some good or interesting things that the average tourist would not know. For instance, we have been watching Burudika for some time now and have started to grow a fondness for the male lead...
  6. Sonconato

    Entertainment at Animal Kingdom

    I was just curious about what atmospheric entertainment you consider your favorite.
  7. Sonconato

    Adventurers Club Flashback

    On Tuesday, I went to see a dinner show called "Capone's," and one of the actors looked familiar to my son and I. He was very funny and excellent at improvisation, especially in audience participation. About halfway into the show, we figured that we might have seen him in the Comedy Warehouse...
  8. Sonconato

    No Monorails

    So we just returned home from the MK and it was our first time ever to learn that none of the Monorails were running and they were done for the night. We left about 8:45 PM just before the fireworks, and we had originally planned to head to the Grand Floridian for a bite to eat but decided...
  9. Sonconato

    Does This Affect WDW?

    I was just wondering if this will affect the future for WDW. Specifically, in money for the parks? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-13/disney-to-delist-ailing-paris-theme-park-in-end-to-27-year-story
  10. Sonconato

    Changes in the Festival of the Lion King

    The Festival of the Lion King is my favorite show in Walt Disney World, and my favorite part is the "Tumble Monkey" gymnastic performance. However, for the last three Sundays, the shows I have attended have not included this part of the show. I was just curious what your favorite part(s) of...
  11. Sonconato

    More Classy Behavior of Guests at Disney

    Look what happened yesterday. http://wfla.com/2017/05/17/man-accused-of-getting-drunk-at-walt-disney-world-charged-with-child-neglect/
  12. Sonconato

    Janitors on Call with iPhones

    Found this rather interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel today:
  13. Sonconato

    Sticker Shock

    As I walk around the park and go on rides, I see stickers everywhere. It just got me thinking. I understand that they are for the kids and everything, but it just is a shame they end up where they don't belong. If you have other suggestions, I would like to hear them.
  14. Sonconato

    Bye Bye Banjo Brothers and Bob

    We just returned from MK and learned that yet another one of the entertainment groups will soon be eliminated from the Park. The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob will be performing for the last time on Saturday October 1st after 17 years of performing. Although they were not a group you...
  15. Sonconato

    Disney Springs vs. Park Expenditures

    I just went to Disney Springs yesterday, and I thought it was beautifully done. It appeared to be an expensive change, so I wondered where you thought it should go.
  16. Sonconato

    General Store under Refurbishment

    This is not big news but the General Store, which is the small store located between Pecos Bill's and the Country Bear Jamboree is closed for refurbishment. We were heading there to buy a soda and all the doors were shut and the windows blocked off with black fabric. We asked three different...
  17. Sonconato

    Monthly Payment Plan

    Just curious, and would love to hear your thoughts.
  18. Sonconato

    Top 25 Amusement Parks - World

    I don't know if this has been posted anywhere but I came across this Poll from Trip Advisor through the Orlando Sentinel. http://www.tripadvisor.com/TravelersChoice-Attractions-cAmusementParks-g1 It would be nice to see Disney move at least one Park to position #1!
  19. Sonconato

    Tomorrowland Area Smell

    Pretty much every time I go to the Tomorrowland area (specifically near Cosmic Ray's), there is a strong onion-ish odor from something. Has anyone either experienced this or have any clue what it may be? I know this is a little odd, but I was curious since I smell it nearly every time. Does...
  20. Sonconato

    FastPass+ Experience

    Last Saturday, I used one of my fastpasses on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin with my family. At the second magic band gate inside the ride, I find both the standby and the fastpass lines merging together and the cast member staring off into space. One guest even asked him a question about...
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