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  1. annienevells

    Pre-Trip Baby Does Disney - a PTR!

    Hello Magicians! I had not really planned on doing a PTR.. but the more I search and search the internet for advice related to taking a baby to Disney, the more I feel I need you all instead! If you have not read any of my reports before, what are you waiting for?! Here are some gems from the...
  2. annienevells

    Trip Report For The LAST Time In Forever - September 2021 TR

    Welcome! Hopefully you followed along with my PTR here, but if not - I will go into the full introductions! Who: Me (of course)! Annie. Mainer and mom to be, along with my husband Ian (the dad to be)! When: September 24th - October 2nd, 2021 Where: Pop Century Resort (first time! also...
  3. annienevells

    Pre-Trip At Last I See The Light

    Wow. I haven't posted or interacted with my Magicians in so long.. Do y'all even remember me?! I had a work trip booked back in April 2020 - CANCELLED I had my (first) Christmas trip planned for December 2020 - CANCELLED I could've managed the trip pandemic wise in December.. but I work for a...
  4. annienevells

    Trip Report STOP RUINING MY HAPPY PLACE! Feb 2020 TR!

    I'M BACK! I have been a fool y'all. I have sat here and read trip reports that detailed the struggles of traveling/vacationing with family and truly thought that I would never face that issue. Did I have plenty of drama and issues with my OWN family growing up going to Disney during my...
  5. annienevells

    Pre-Trip Taking non-believers to the World - Jan 2020 PTR

    Hello friends! Quick reminder of the lady behind the screen: Me! (Annie) Higher education professional, Mainer, bookworm, and lover of all things Disney (well.. maybe apart from some of the Facebook groups LOL I much prefer life over here at WDWMagic) What kind of trip am I planning? A...
  6. annienevells

    Trip Report Am I sweating, or am I still wet from the rain? Solo June 2019!

    I'm baaaaaaaaack! I had so much fun writing my first report, that I have returned to write ANOTHER. I had these big plans of writing this DIRECTLY after my trip, but then I had my sister's wedding, work travel, etc. Actually - at the moment I am sitting in a beautiful church in the Bronx for a...
  7. annienevells

    New user! Sorry for a silly question.

    I see how I can reply on my thread.. How do I create a new post (trip report)? Thank you!
  8. annienevells

    Trip Report The Stalker Surfaces - A First Report for a Long Time Creeper Feb 2019!

    Hello everyone! My name is Annie and I am your friendly undercover WDW Magic Trip Report Stalker. I feel as though I know so many of you personally, as I have read SO MANY trip reports over the years. I travel for work, and often on these travels I find myself passing the time on the boards...
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